2 thoughts on “Heart Connection

  1. Kathryn Howlett says:

    Hi, I just found out about soul stories. A year ago I almost died from a ruptured brain aneurysm. I was partially paralyzed, memory was limited, couldn’t walk. Now, I am expected to make a 95% recovery. I believe love brought me to this point. I received so much love from husband, children, siblings, friends, and more that I feel as if it is over flowing from my heart. Love saved me, I have no doubt. I’m going to be thinking about this in terms of a soul story. Do you have a book?

    • tams hesz says:

      Oh my Kathryn, thank you so much to share your story with us here – how incredible to learn where you are in this point in time due to your strength and incredible amount of love and support from those dearest to your heart. l feel that Love is the answer to many situations and stories… Fingers crossed, l’ve put it out to the world that I will be releasing a ‘collection of’ book next year, eek. I will be sure to post in the newsletter when I make a start on this. Much love and healing inspiration wonderful girl xxx

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