What Are Soul Stories?

Soul Stories are insightful creations that capture the sensitive & vulnerable pieces of your soul. They are written and illustrated from the heart, allowing you to remember how every ingrained & forgotten moment can be turned into something beautiful to feel…

Tams sincere hope is that out of the hundreds of stories she has written, perhaps one will reach into your heart and give it a gentle squeeze – that just one will remind you how to feel, and open you up to some of the yummy stuff in life that is so easily forgotten…

“When l write these Soul Stories, l honestly feel like I’m pulling out pieces of your essence, mixing them up with the real, the pretend and perhaps even a touch of my own heart and turning them into something beautiful for you to read…”

Tams believes that a better, brighter future is made possible by becoming more aware of our hearts, our feelings and by practicing more empathy & compassion…

We learn so many wonderful things on life’s journey but from what Tams has experienced and researched, there seems to be a deficiency in the education of the heart. Her dream is for Soul Stories to be part of that education. She wants us to realise that no matter how heartbreaking or beautiful our story may be, we need to understand that they are all important and incredibly true between us all – and that embracing our stories shapes us into the best possible versions of ourselves, who we are today and who we will continue to grow into each day thereafter…

A future full of peace, compassion, truth, integrity & kindness – this is Tams’ greatest wish, for us all.

This is the heart essence of Soul Stories…written from ‘your’ heart. It’s already there, inside of us all – we just need to remember these ‘same, same but different’ stories when relating to other wonderful souls… xxx
P.s By all means, watch the Soul Stories mini-documentary top right.


About the Artist


Artist, lamplighter and storyteller ~ Tams is working hard to return all of the wonderful stories she’s been given in some kind of magical way or another…

After ending a colourful dance career and moving back to Australia, Tams finds herself fumbling day-to-day remembering and creating new Soul Stories. She travels between Melbourne and her hometown Heyfield, connecting with the local community and sharing her artwork along the way.

She’s just a little bit obsessed with spoiling her beloved kitties ‘Dantechicken & Etienne’, riding her bike, following her heart and eating at least 12 bananas a day. Wherever she wanders she continues to be inspired by beautiful souls and their incredible stories…

the creative team


Creator / Big Scary Boss

Artist, lamplighter, dancer & storyteller - working hard just to return all of your wonderful stories in the magical & unique form of Soul Stories… Always looking for ways to collaborate with other inspiring artists or donate to a passionate cause. Full of kindness, love, compassion & empathy ~wanting to help the world in every possible way, in the most beautiful ways…


Sidekick / Partner in crime

Feed me, let me in, let me out, take a photo of me, stop taking photos of me, feed me, wake up, talk to me, feed me, get up, play with me, scratch me, feed me, lets go to bed, don't force cuddle me, feed me, stop working, look at me…?  Dantechicken plays a major role in Soul Stories, keeping it real and reminding me what truly is important in life! I love this little monkey who thinks he’s a tiger with all of my heart ~ clearly the life (and curiosity) in my inspiring studio.


Graphic / Motion Designer & Photographer

Gin is Melbourne/Paris based freelance graphic designer specializing in print design, videography & photography. We like to call her GB or frog-gal. Pretty much responsible for ALL of Soul Stories amazing print design, stunning videos & guidance in decision making ~ she has been a major 'angel send' in Soul Stories rapid growth in such a short time span. I can not recommend her passionate talents enough, so please don't hesitate to drop her a line.


Oli Heath
Graphic Designer

Polite English boy who just so happens to be an amazing graphic designer & has been with Soul Stories since the very beginning. Ols is responsible for major encouragement, web ideas, funky logo & colour pallets that represent Soul Stories. He has 21 years of print design experience, which means he can drive your brand in the right direction. Creativity, colour and happy clients are the things that turn him on. So it you need someone to turbo boost your logo or fuel inject your literature then please get in touch.


Caroline Roelands
French Translator / Adaptor

I was fortunate enough to meet this talented French girl whilst living in Paris for several years. Not only an incredible dancer, singer & actress – she also excels in choreography and is often in charge of/assisting many large productions around France. With all of this creativity oozing from her soul, it makes complete sense as to why I fell in love with the way she understands and translates Soul Stories into French. Lucky for me, translating/adaptations is a huge passion for Caroline – which is why l'm looking forward to collaborating with her again, sooner rather than later.


Jason Stenning
Hot Chilli Source & Carbon Zero Bags Director

Responsible for Soul Stories high quality/eco friendly ~I dream of jeanne~ tote bags. I’m so grateful that mum stumbled across his carbon zero bags & set me on the right track with this inspiring man. Jason has taught me a lot about starting off in business & always offering help whenever l’ve reached out. He is committed to developing an ethical and environmentally responsible culture for his businesses focusing on sustainable growth & increasing our levels of local manufacturing.  I’m always looking forward to working with his incredible company.


Ray Akers
Jack Of All Trades

If there is something that needs to be designed, created, built or fixed, then my stepdad ‘Ray’ is the knowledgeable handy man on the job. He is always helping EVERYONE around our little county town and not so lucky for him, l hassle him more than anyone - asking him to show me how to build/create my new crazy idea of the day. I'm always running different ideas by him, creatively and business wise ~ and I'm truly grateful for his support & all that he does for Soul Stories. Shhh, he hasn’t got much of a patch on mums sewing skills, but he’d definitely give it a whirl if he had to.


Mikey Watterson
Web Designer / Developer

Mikey & l first met when l was kicking my legs high on a cruise ship & l'm grateful that our new career paths have crossed again. Mikey is now the owner/designer at Brixton Creative, a full service design studio based on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada.  Since opening their (metaphorical) doors, Brixton Creative has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most fantastic people on the planet, working to design & develop sites that would ultimately build their brand, their online presence and increase their overall reach to potential clients both locally and globally. I am beyond grateful to be one of those lucky clients!


Cristina Alonso
USA Rep/Distributor

Can you believe I met this WONDERFUL soul through Wellbeing Magazine!? She said to come & find her if l ever came to USA - so l did! Cristina is such a vibrant, hard working generous sweet soul, who is always up for a challenge & more than capable of everything put before her. lm truly honored to have her in my life & now Soul Stories has found it's USA rep & distributor! This big old world knows way more than we do - connecting our dots in crazy ways we can only see backwards. Exciting times ahead as Soul Stories slowly grows in USA, thanks to this girl, making it all possible xx