A Rarity

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a very Beautiful &inspiring soul who was kinda sorta at the tail end of his incredible opening &transformation… 🌱

I was extremely touched by his soulful stories, his rollercoaster journey, his heartfelt writing(s) &his generosity by purchasing a number of Soul Stories creations for key/close souls in his life. It was all so incredibly overwhelming… 🌱

This crazy beautiful world continues to tip us upside down &remind us how little we know &how much we need and can continue to learn from others &their stories… 🌱

I said to Garry how incredibly lucky & special his friends were, to be receiving such beautiful stories – I also mentioned how completely blown away ‘I would be’ to receive such a gift out of the blue…. 🌱

Anyways a few days later, before running back to Heytown/home/studio – Garry asked if he could meet up for a cuppa & grab a few more Calendars. What I was not absolutely not expecting was a very generous gift which brought me to tears… He had pretty much listened to what I had said & written a story about/for me & then gifted it to me?!!! 🌱
Not only a talent with his words, storytelling but the simplicity &kindness in his giving back to others – to me?!! 🌱

Thank you Garry, with all of my heart – for this reminder of keep on trying every freaking day to be the best possible version of yourself, because you don’t always know who you are helping, influencing, inspiring & validating out there along with the bonus of feeling of feeding your own heart & soul full of love & hugs.
Much lov, tx

p.s be brave & believe you are enough…





Return from Lala Land…

Return from Lala land…

Ahhhh… where to even begin & how to articulate the millions of stories that happened over the past 3 months on my grand Soul Stories adventure to USA.
As an experienced traveler, l already knew that l was going to receive far more than l signed up for – whether success would unfold in what l was ‘hoping’ for, or more in the way that my soul truly ‘needed’?
Either way, l could never have imagined HOW MUCH the universe ended up giving my big ol’ heart. Sometimes it made me work my absolute butt off to the bone & during other unexpected moments, it simply opened up the door & handed over wonders (& beyond) on a silver platter…

Were there any struggles?

So what do you want to hear about? What’s worth telling most?
Let’s start off with the first 2 weeks into my journey ~  l learnt ‘a lot’ about the USA market quite quickly & noticed how many brick walls l kept coming up against face to face? Naturally l questioned myself a hundred times over & what the f@*k l was actually doing ~ & even thought to fly home much earlier than anticipated?
I think what added to the struggle was that I hadn’t fully digested the shocking news of suddenly losing one of my best friends before a few weeks of getting onto the plane… Just devastating…  ;-(
So much doubt, so much fear, grief, the unknown, learning so much at high speed – fully aware that I needed every second to try & accomplish what l ‘wanted’ to do…
I knew better than to push so hard, but l couldnt help myself, the more l pushed – the harder everything resisted. I just wanted it so bad ~ to grab on to what l thought was the most important part of my journey…
But you know what, as cliche as it sounds – the moment l let go & surrendered to the universe was the moment she started handing me magical moments within my reach… Thats not to say that l didn’t have to work my ASS off… But the intent was entirely different, without expectation of myself & the outcome – but opening myself up to others & focussing more so on process itself.

What’s truly important?

Was l happy with the outcome? Was it a success?
In my heart & soul what l learnt & expeienced was an absolute success. Yes it was a financial success for my business, breaking into 23 spaces & places ~ along with a handful of restocks in places before l left the county, which will be the big tell tale sign (whether the businesses want to carry on or not type thing).
~ But the bigger part of my success was learning to be a better person. To be more present & to listen MORE. To listen without the intent of wanting to speak back with ‘my’ story to tell (until the time was right). To truly LISTEN…
~ And then there is the human connection part – my absolutely  ‘wonderful’ friends. How lucky am l to know such wonderful human beings… Just WOW – I can not say thank you enough to ALL of my incredible friends, old & new, who are responsible for my wonderful travels to unfold so flawlessly.
Giving up their private spaces, couches, rooms & apts for several days!?!  Some friends of friends l had never met before and others l know like the back of my hand.
~ Thirdly – I realized how much l want to take on Jason Silva’s ‘billionaire’ concept. I want Soul Stories to be defined as that billionaire ~ but not by the amount of money that is made, but by the amount of hearts that are touched. I want Soul Stories to help, heal, inspire and connect with a billion hearts which would mean so much more to my heart & ‘my kinda tribe’ than what society recongnises as a ‘billionaire’. Yes money is required to pursue many hopes and dreams – & l truly need and rely on people supporting what l do by purchasing my artwork and/or services… But money is merely freedom and does not promise any form of happiness…

Snippets of Magic…

I feel like l’ve taken up far too much of your time already – so lm grabbing just a few random photos & words from the hundreds of WONDERFUL stories that graciously wandered into my life during the past 3 months…
Thank you over & over again, to all of my wonderful supporters, near & far!  I honestly can’t say it enough ~ that I can’t do what l do, without ALL of YOU!!!
If anyone would like me to expand on anything in particular – please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at: tams@soul-stories.com & l would be happy to share more, or give you any kind of guidance that l can. Big hugs and love, tx
P.s I just realized there are SOOOO many cool people l adore that i never took any photos of, sigh, l just have to come back is all!??
You know who you are! xxx

Oh bottom line to EVERYTHING –  keep doing or working your way towards whatever the hell sets your heart on FIRE!!!
No matter what! xxx t


Ally Hamilton 
When you get to meet your online yoga teacher in the REAL
(in Santa Monica) & practice by her side!?! Ive been following
Ally since 2001 and pretty much practice daily with her at:


Jen Pastilof
Agh, major celebrity crush on this wonderful woman who has a
heart parallel to mine & just wants to HELP EVERYONE!!!
For those who don’t know Jen – please go check her out! You can
find her on most platforms all over Social Media!


Amy Tuvo
When your dear friends have cool friends who just so happen to
have a wonderful place where hot air balloons float directly above!?!?
Thank you Amy, for all of your help, big heart and incredible words
& wisdom over the years. Your turn to come to Australia!?



 Alexa Meade Art
Just by chance l stumbled arcoss the well known & talented
Alexa Meade installing her work at Union Station L.A!!!! Whaaaaaa, come & join in the installation she said –
let’s just say that l didnt bat an eyelid to play dancing model!


Birte Foundation
When you meet other inspiring souls changing the world in ways
you can’t imagine. What this girl does for all the dogs that are not
wanted anymore because they are almost at the end of their
expiration date, highly diseased or simply discarded.
Marie you are just wonderful & was such a pleasure to meet you…


Cris Hamilton
I may not have met one of my Fav artist in the world (Brian Andreas)
because he decided to up & move (how rude!?!) but l was
lucky enough to meet his wonderful sister, Cris & her Andy!
Such a FAB time hangin’ with these cool cats – talk about just
a tad star struck… Be sure to check our her magical work!


2019 Calendar
Treking the West Coast didn’t mean I could slack off back in Oz.
‘Production of the 2019 Calendar’ was still being worked on inbetween
the hard work & pockets of play. Be sure not to miss out on the
limited edition of 500 to be printed. There’s also a very cool
Christmas promotion going on: CLICK HERE.
Thanks for your awesome work Gin Pineau – you rock!


~ Bold Freedom ~
More production work going on. Super happy for Lesley O’Brien
to release her premiere book  BOLD FREEDOM. For everyone
who purchases a book from the online store: & enters code
‘TamsSoulStories’ at the checkout gets FREE shipping (ongoing)
plus access to the Time Mastery workshop until Sept 30th as a
thank you pre-order bonus… No need to explain who was lucky enough to illustrate the front cover? CLICK HERE to learn more.


Aum & Garden
As always – my travels led me to connect with the most beautiful
& inspiring businesses & owners. Unfortunately I would fill
the whole news letter writing about them all so l lucky dipped &
pulled out one to feature.Aum & Garden, truly an absolutely stunning
space in L.A, one of the most elegant l came across – even though
Jerome still doesn’t believe me, hehe…




Cristina Alonso
Can you believe I met this WONDERFUL soul through
Wellbeing Magazine!??? She said to come & find her if l ever came to USA – so l did! Cristina, such a generous & sweet soul which lm truly honored to have in my life. And now Soul Stories has found it’s USA rep & distributor!? This big old world knows way more than we do – connecting the dots in crazy ways we can only see backwards. Exciting times ahead with this gorg gal! xx


I dream of Jeanne
Everywhere l wandered – l had my ‘l dream of jeanne’ tote
wrapped around me, Mum watching over me 24/7. We are about
half way through series 3, a limited edition of 500. Be sure
not to miss out if you are collecting these very special eco bags
(they also make THE BEST Santa sacs, just sayin’)




Free Soul Stories Art
So much fun leaving pieces of Soul Stories in the coolest places
on my travels & gorgoeus souls writing to me to say they had
found it – making their day! Which of course would make my
day – so everyone is happy happy joy joy!
Thanks so much to play everyone… ;-




Playing in the Pockets
It was always so rewarding for me to work super hard in the
first few days of traveling to a new city/town & then playing with
friends in the pockets afterwards, waiting for replies or to set
up meetings! This was such a memorable day Kristie – waterfall
walks, blue pool hikes & yummy hot spring by sunset. MAGICAL…




Sarah McLachlan
Lucky me has been spoilt for life, to watch one of my FAV
singers (Sarah McLachlan) perform at the majestic &
intimate Red Rocks. How will anywhere else compare?
Thank you for this very special moment Ads – never to
be forgotten… When surrounded by stunning scenery,
one must always leg mount!?! Haha… & then limp
away afterwards…




‘Trust Within’
Even when you’re in the thick of
not understanding anything
~ the universe will keep providing
you with what your heart & soul
truly needs..

Original Soul Stories created with oil on high quality
‘un-mounted’ canvas. Sealed with a gloss varnish.
Canvas Size: Width 40cm & Height 50cm. Couldnt WAIT
to get home & start creating AGAIN! Wonderful results.



Princess Cruises
Ahhh, take me back to dancing on carefree cruise ship dayz!!
I’ve met some of my best friends during this moment of my life
– friends that will last forever & ever! I’m BEYOND GRATEFUL
– especailly for this ‘short notice’ pool party in Vegas day!
Thanks so so much to organise Nicole, you rock my world gurl!
Thanks everyone else to come play – so many fab stories
amp; memories.



‘Le Reve’ Las Vegas
When one of your ol’ dancing buddies organises tickets to see
‘Le Reve’ at The Wynn in Vegas – well, you said YES please,
thank you very much. Thanks so much Bec – l’ve haven’t felt this
inspired & such an itch to jump up on stage since hanging up the
shoes 4 years ago!?? JUST WOW!! So incredibly beautiful to watch
& to feel so much…



The things we do we we put out minds to it… A crazy midnight
bus from Vegas, to LA, to an Uber x2, to Union Train Station
to San Luis Obispo on 3 hrs broken sleep! Which then the cool
owner from the delicious ‘Mint & Craft’ arranges to pick you up
so you can breathe & get ready to surprise someone at their
special ‘Vegan’ Local Table Night… Hehe, a night to
remeber indeed..



Grand Finale
Such a wonderful feeling bringing all of these beautiful
souls together… Agh, thank you boys, for the endless belly
laughs – my cheeks hurt from WAYYY too much giggling (& vino).
Thank you for such a perfect end to my wild & wonderful
Soul Stories adventure… The end of just the beginning ~
watch this space..





Tams Travels…
Fav albums this month: Gossip in the Grain ~ Ray LaMontagne
Currently Reading: Love her Wild ~ Atticus

Movie Inspiration: Adrift (hmm… prob not the best move to watch it on a plane in public, without tissues?)

Fav cafe/boutique: I’m obsessed ‘Wholefoods’ & ‘Trader Joe’s’ in USA  ~ & perhaps Victorias Secrets!?!

Do yourself a favour: Be brave and give couch surfing ago!! Guaranteed to meet some wonderful souls…

Pay It Forward Moment: Gave a street lady my not so shabby runners instead of hanging onto them as a spare pair.

New Places Visited: Where to even begin!?!? San Diego, Ventura, Ojai, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Denver, Boulder, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Eugene, Portland, Las Vegas – the list goes on and on…

New Places Planning to Visit for Soul Stories: Sydney – agh l still haven’t made it there yet!!!?

Live Event Coming Up: Holy moly I haven’t anything booked?! Shhhh… might be sneaking into a private event, Daylesford direction, to check out my art mentor/friend (Gav Barbey) new works.

Current Mood: Clear, focused – full of gratitude…


scatter your SOUL & share your STORIES…

Daily Soul Stories

But there was still SO MUCH
you had to do…

So many dreams
you had to catch,
sunsets to see,
candles to wish upon
& belly laughs until
you can’t breathe…

You’re ‘to do’
will never end
~ along with the hundreds
of souls that carry
a tiny piece of gold
within their blessed hearts
all because of you… .
© May 23 .18

Still So Much



Still So Much

But there was still SO MUCH
you had to do…

So many dreams
you had to catch, 
sunsets to see,
candles to wish upon
& belly laughs until 
you can’t breathe…

You’re ‘to do’
will never end
~ along with the hundreds
of souls that carry
a tiny piece of gold
within their blessed hearts
all because of you…

May 23 .18


There will always be many
who only stick around
long enough
to pick out a few
easy & feel good
juicy pages to read.
So wait ~
for the kind of soul
who wants to carefully
read your ENTIRE book
from start to finish
and then you might
find yourself
reading theirs
in return…

April 13 .18

Naked Truth

I was asked tonight:

Why do you post naked pictures of yourself????

My reply without batting an eyelid ~
It’s Art, it’s line, it’s love, it’s life, it’s being vulnerable in every way, it pushing boundaries, it’s beauty, it’s strength, it’s surviving eating disorders, its a dancer aware of her body, its a tool, it’s inspiration, it’s bravery, it’s being uncomfortable, it’s growth, it’s depth, it’s emotion & it’s no big deal in the bigger picture of life…

Yes, in some eyes, it’s an ass, it’s provocative, it’s sexual, its attention seeking, it’s a disgrace…

But look a little closer ~ I’m so much more than the surface of my skin, so many stories deep within… We all are, made up of so many wonders that we may be afraid to show without judgment, without care ~ wearing everything, wearing nothing…

Life is too short – so run & create as much beauty as you can in the world. Lift other souls up, inspire them, give and take and then give some more…
It’s so cliche, but no regrets – keep your heart open, connecting with others and sharing your stories along the way…

Otherwise who gives a fuc in this crazy beautiful one shot life?

Much love always, Xt

(this photo shows a naked body – yet it represents my husband unexpectedly walking out, then learning of your mum being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, in between contracts with no work, trying to support yourself with an apartment you can barely afford on your own, whilst worried that you may be deported as you’re living in a foreign country under a spousal visa…
I only see emotion ~ a soul, broken, beautiful, raw, standing in pool of water representing her tears of despair… )


Photography credit to the AMAZING: Klaus Kampert (sorry for scribbling on it)


2018 – Soul Strength Year

Hey Soul Stories spunks – fingers crossed that your New Year is off to a flying start similar to mine? So much personal & professional growth already! WOW ~ let’s hope it’s a great indication of how the rest of the year will pan out? 😉

First up, l will start with my humble apologise for my lack of newsletters last year. Whoops, l think there was a total of two? Time most certainly flys when you’re having fun & working your ass off!

I mainy wanted to write this newsletter to hold myself accountable & not chicken out about a grand adventure coming up soon. I will leave this story for now, a little teaser, & fill you in on the rest right before l sign off… Promise.

Wow, soooooo much stuff to share – so l’m just going to pick out a few bits & pieces & try & be a little more disciplined with my story/newsletter sharing this down the track.

Most of you have been watching me explore with Oils lately – & l’ve been LOVING the process. I really feel that l’m pushing Soul Stories to new levels with this medium & would love to spend even more time in this direction. Hmmm, if only there was another me to help me out with my other ‘things to do’ on my never ending ‘to do’ list? (like everyone really)All in good time my friends… Definitely watch this space.

A mega THANK YOU to all of my followers who keep sending in wonderful photos with their SS creations & heartfelt stories to go with them. So much fun adding them all to the ‘Around the World’ Gallery section on the website. By all means, if l’ve missed adding anyones, please let me know!? I’m still constantly sending out little gifts to four or five lucky dip photos sent in each month!!
My favourite Calendar participants are setting new boundaries in regards to the ‘fun days’ & are in serious competition with their buddies which has me in fits of giggles whenever l cach their posts. Check out their ‘Wonder Women Day’ below – simply gold!

If you haven’t seen Wellbeing Magazines fab giveaway for five ‘i dream of jeanne’ series 3 totes – be sure to run over to their Facebook page ASAP for your chance to win one, as l’m sure their competion closes soon.
All you have to do is tag your Soul Friend, pretty easy hey!?

I’m not far from being finished creating a special ‘Nourish’ series for a beautiful & healthy cafe in Eden, NSW, called ‘Sprout Eden’. Owner Karen Lott & l have been discussing special SS ideas for quite some time now, suited to her business integrities which of course goes hand in hand with Soul Stories. l’m about 3/4’s finished the original series & if all goes well, there may even be a few prints for sale in her inspiring space!

A mega shout out to Linden New Art Gallery & their awesome Post Card Show… I’ve been lucky enough to sell two original pieces of four (the max that you can enter) & really need to go & visit before the show closes on February 23rd, 2018. This is the 4th time l’ve entered their show & each time it has been extrememly rewarding for me. Not only for selling some of my creations, but for the great exposure & wonderful souls l’ve met along the way.

Ok this is getting a bit long now, so a massive thank you to all of the small independant businesses out there that support Soul Stories. Whether it’s for wholesale or consignment ~ by taking on 6 gift cards, or 60, along with prints, wall hangings, jeanne totes, calendars & original pieces!?
You all mean the ABSOLUTE FREAKING WORLD to me! Thank you so much. Everyone & every tiny bit helps me to continue doing what l love with all of my heart.
To help, heal and inspire ~ as many souls as l possibly can…

Time for the ‘grand finale’ news.
Towards the end of May, l’m heading to the West Coast of USA to try & break into the market. Eek!??! I probably should start by saying that:


Anyways, Im planning to set up shop with a USA printer who will take care of all SS printing & distribution once l find the right places & spaces who are willing to give Soul Stories a shot.
I have three months over there to:
a. Make a dent in the USA market
b. Start to solidify material for SS first book (there will be a ‘dream’ series of several down the track ~ a collection of stories & illustrations).
c. And of course, to catch up with beautiful friends and create some stories along the way.
First stop will be L.A then down to San Diego & work my way up along the coast. If anyone would like to shout out ANY places that might be interesting for me to approach (regarding Wholesale for Soul Stories) then l’m all ears!

There ~  it’s finally OUT!
I’m kinda excitedly freaking out, as without me in Australia, Soul Stories will kinda sorta come to a grinding hault? I will be sure to do lots of advertising before l leave for everyone to stock up, hehe… Right now, it’s time to triple down, do some homework & save my butt off!

Over & out rockstars, that’s all she wrote for tonight & super excited for what’s to come…
In the meantime, keep on being brave, believing in yourself & sharing your incredible stories. 2018 is a strength year – for truly believing in your self-worth, letting the chatter of self-doubt fall behind & realizing that your time will come ~ from all of the hard work, patience & perseverance that you’ve put into your daily passions…

Much love, xt

P.s Catch y’all at the Seven Sister Festival soon, March 2nd-4th @ Mt. Martha… So many lovely people have been telling me how well suited Soul Stories would be for this inspiring event – so it’s time to prep, go play & find out for myself…

Pps. Oh & remember, its privilege for the listener when you have the courage to open up & share your stories ~ so keep on sharing! 



Tams Travels…
Fav albums this month: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, Beautiful Trauma ~ Pink and Full Hearts & Empty Rooms ~ Emma Lousie
Currently Reading: Twyla Tharp ~ The Creative Habit &
Paul Samuel Dolman ~ Hitchhiking with Larry David

Movie Inspiration: The Shape of WaterThe Greatest Showman​

Fav cafe/boutique: The Pickle Pot & The Foxes Den

Do yourself a favour: Book a session @ Beyond Rest in Prahran 
(l’ve yet to try, but sooooo on my to do ASAP)

Pay It Forward Moment: Stopping to help a struggling lady load her giant mirrow into her car.

New Places Visited: Mallacoota & Dawes Point

New Places Planning to Visit for Soul Stories: Torquay, Warnambool ​& Sydney

Live Event Coming Up: Augie March @ The Velvet Room, Thornbury

Current Mood: Strong, heart work on remembering self WORTH…


scatter your SOUL & share your STORIES…

Daily Soul Stories

Wishing you were someone else
is just a beautoful waste
of the incredibke soul
that you truly are…
© January 14 .18

Beautiful Waste