Extraordinary Love

Who would have known
that an innocent phone number
on a paper napkin
would eventuate into
the most beautiful friendship
and then flourish
into such extraordinary love?
He promised
to always hold her hand
& take care of her soul
and she would
simply love him
with all of the colours
of her magical heart…

February 2002

(Tailor Made Soul Stories)

YOKE Magazine 2015

What can l more can l say? I believe in this magazine, l believe in this woman, l believe in her vision and all she has to offer ~ to open our eyes and connect with each other, through truth, organic and authentic ways.
Cybthia humbly reached out for help and all Soul Stories can do is gentle take her hand, donate a few $$ and keep sharing her dream to the rest of the world.

Please, please please ~ with all of my heart, read her story, watch her video and be touched by her beautiful Yoke team and all she has to offer… Much love to you inspiring girl ~ and maybe one day Soul Stories will be honoured to grace their pages
xx t

YOKE is a refreshing & inspiring NEW print magazine, now in its third issue.

Interested in the power and manifestations of what it is to develop inspiration, YOKE is a holistic magazine that brings together yogic philosophies, art and the passion of our artists to bring to life an altruistic vision – a place where voices can be heard and together offer people an alternative.

At YOKE we embrace this exciting and challenging era by digging deep into the world of creativity, where we believe our collective spirit can genuinely create real, positive change.

Whether it’s yogic philosophy, an interview with an interesting person or a creative process revealed, YOKE encourages you to explore the hidden corners of yourself.


YOKE is a collaboration of amazing international writers, photographers and illustrators, with a strong emphasis on text and imagery, intimate interviews, short and long form features, and specially commissioned original creative works.

We aim to uniquely convey the message of mindfulness through intelligent storytelling and beautiful imagery with sections specific to People & Spaces, the Arts & Culture, Community, Food & Wellbeing, and Travel with a purpose. Each edition focuses its pages around an over-arching theme to tie it together with purpose.

We celebrate beautiful ideas, people and art. We commission original content from local and international writers, photographers and illustrators. We live joyfully in the small moments, the stories of difference and the modern relevance of ancient ideas.


YOKE brings much needed fuel for our hearts and minds at a time when we need this more than ever. YOKE ultimately seeks to explore ways we can stay more grounded and true to our planet, our loved ones and ourselves. At a critical time when the digital age is moving faster than ever, when our lives are becoming more fragmented and when ‘connecting’ is somehow disconnecting us.

As a growing number of people, including creatives, are turning to yogic philosophies as a life-long way to feel grounded and connected to themselves and their artistic process, we think this is an exciting time to merge yogic and creative life in one beautiful bespoke print publication.


Multi-talented creative and recognised Sydney photographer, Cynthia Sciberras,has studied Ashtanga yoga for over a decade and is dedicated to living a yogic life. Believing in the power of possibility and that through creativity you can create a powerful ripple effect – and in fact, change the world – Cynthia hopes to reinvigorate and inspire ways of living a more fulfilling life through creativity and consciousness.

Working closely with global copy agency The Copy Collective, YOKE features both local and international writers, photographers and illustrators, specially commissioned for creative original works to match each themed issue. Current contributors can be found here. 


Up till now this has been a labour of love, and entirely self-funded. We believe in publishing independently so we can stay true to our voice, which is why we’re connecting with you through crowdfunding. With your help, this local indie magazine can crack the market and spread its wings even further.

Yoke Magazine 2015


We have two issues and almost 10k copies of YOKE in the world already, so we know it’s a treasured thing – an opportunity to discover your authentic self.

We have already printed two very well received issues, with 10,000 copies already out floating around in existence, and we would love for this publication to be comfortable in its reprinting potential.

Your money would help us to meet some of the production costs of issue #3.

YOKE is printed locally in Australia. For now we’ve chosen to keep it local to save on cost for shipping and lessen the environmental impact.

YOKE is free from advertising, which we believe allows us to stay more true to the words on our pages and give your mind a break. However, this approach is financially restrictive.

OUR target is $30,000 to print 2000 magazines.

Our tipping point is $15,000

Any further money from reaching our tipping point would benefit us by enabling to continue our engagement with:
– Writers
– Designers
– Illustrators / photographers


Yoke Magazine 2015


Who will be connected?

The local production and the Australian focus of positive media will continue to make an appealing stand in the local community. We aim to spread our wings beyond local boarders and show to a broad audience how this delicious magazine can help “to be yoked”.

The completion of issue #3 and the potential engagement with further contributors will therefore connect with anyone who is interested in:
Environmental Sustainability
Social issues
Life and all its beauty

Our long-term dream:

In the long term we plan to keep publishing YOKE magazine, increase our reach and display various other ways of holistic living as a valuable contribution to our community.

The aim is to share and muse with you. To discover, and indulge in the ancient philosophies and the contemporary wisdom that merge into the magic that is all around us, and capture it within our publication.

Thank-you for reading about our journey, we hope you believe in it as much as we do and accept one of our pledges. 

Open your heart to kindness, compassion and the spark of your own creativity. And from these small seedlings allow a greater awareness to grow.

Dance of Life

Their sweet love
for each other was
a magical gift ~ like a
pair of glass balls
spinning in every direction,
catching beauty, light & laugher.
Without any words
they knew that their
dance of life would
never let these delicate balls
slip from their hands
& fall to the ground…

July 30 .14
(Tailor Made Soul Stories)


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