Still So Much

But there was still SO MUCH you had to do... So many dreams you had to catch, 
sunsets to see,…

Ready Wings

She knew that you can’t really pick & choose a time 
 when your wings 
 are ready to open…

Tossed Aside

The heartbreaking things we do to ourselves 
 to become 
beautiful & desired 
 once our hearts 


Forever one of the lucky ones ~ with a mum like you… May 1 .18

Heart Connection

If you’re not hungry, curious and willing to peel back every layer of your soul to enable your heart to…


There will always be many who only stick around long enough to pick out a few easy & feel good…

Times Up

And what hurt the most, was the way that you didn’t look at me ~ anymore... Like that my time…

The End

When you come to the end of your life ~ I pray
 that you never regret '
not' loving enough... April…

That Night

Being a million miles apart couldn’t stop him from feeling & seeing a golden hug thread connecting his heart to…

Not You

But what about the hundreds of other beautiful girls in the world? That’s he easy, he laughed. They’re not you!…

Never Wish

I dream of ways for you to feel my pain ~ & yet I would never wish that for anyone…

Changed Forever

If you’re ever so lucky enough to have a performer waltz into your world ~ then your heart & life…

Light Up

I will never tire to hear you speak about your elaborate passions ~ and to watch your eyes light up…


When an old love feels their heart being ripped from their chest for the first time, breaking clean in half…


I will always love the moment that I was yours 
 & suddenly 
 you were mine... June 22 .17…

Take Note

Girls want something extraordinary, someone to have to courage to step up... They don't want someone nice, or to be…

Beautiful Pieces

Your goodbye day will always be that heartbreakingly 
hard day ~ where 
 everything else 
 fades away
 & all…

Hand by Mine

Dare to place your hand by mine & I promise 
that l'll never let 
our hearts grow old... June 14…

Stolen Moments

How much joy it brings just by the gentle touch of your eyelashes & soft skin... May 25 .17

Heart Removal

She carefully rolled up her heart into her sleeve, unbuttoned her shirt 
& let it slide off 
her slender shoulders…

Follow Your Heart

In this crazy beautiful life, keep following your heart until it tears you apart & then hang on tight to…

Fall in Love

Fall in love with your life and the world will return your love with what you need... April 16 .17

Somewhere, Nowhere

You're somewhere not far away ~ but nowhere near closer to my heart... April 9 .17

Lucky Ones

When the whole world is moving & lm standing still ~ l can sometimes feel your protective & proud hands…