One Soul

We all have that one soul - who inspires you in many ways, wakes you up to all the good…

Someone’s Magic

You will always be 
 to someone... May 11 .18


When you get the least but you give up the most ~ what does that mean for you? May 4…

Trust Within

Even when you’re
 in the thick of 
 not understanding 
~ the universe will
 keep providing you 
with what…


There will always be many who only stick around long enough to pick out a few easy & feel good…

That Night

Being a million miles apart couldn’t stop him from feeling & seeing a golden hug thread connecting his heart to…

Wings to Fly

She’d found some worn out brushes by the side of the road ~ so she carefully cleaned them with love…

Changed Forever

If you’re ever so lucky enough to have a performer waltz into your world ~ then your heart & life…

Light Up

I will never tire to hear you speak about your elaborate passions ~ and to watch your eyes light up…

Beautiful Waste

Wishing you were someone else is just a beautiful waste of the incredible soul 
 that you truly are... January…

Pocket Sized Pieces of Wisdom

Play hard, love deeply, travel far. Grab you life with 2 hands & shake the shit out of it. Empty…

Empathy Seed

Imagine the world if empathy were the seed to all of our actions... June 28 .17


Try not to look too hard in the mirror ~ you are so much more
 than just a reflection... June…

Take Note

Girls want something extraordinary, someone to have to courage to step up... They don't want someone nice, or to be…

Permanent Future

If you could go back into the past, knowing that it wouldn't
 change the future 
~ would you?... June 17…

Gentle Reminder

Thank you for your gentle reminder of who I would 
like to be... June 11 .17

Kind Words

All it takes is a few kind words to expand 
someone else's 
heart to the stars & back... June 9…

Inside your Hand

The things that truly matter live inside the palm of your hand ~ so open it without hesitation, offer it…

Candle of Hope

A single candle of hope can light a thousand others lost in the dark... May 23 .17

Follow Your Heart

In this crazy beautiful life, keep following your heart until it tears you apart & then hang on tight to…

Attached Story

Sometimes we are so attached to a particular outcome
 that nothing else will do 
~ and that's when 
we suffer...…

Lives Inside You

Every colour in the world - lives inside your heart… May 14 .17     [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this…

Forget More

We tend to forget more than we remember 
~ which seems to 
make life more beautiful 
 & bearable... May…

Pockets & Pools

It suddenly occurred to my heart that maybe we are all 
living in a world 
 of darkness ~