Still So Much

But there was still SO MUCH
you had to do…

So many dreams
you had to catch, 
sunsets to see,
candles to wish upon
& belly laughs until 
you can’t breathe…

You’re ‘to do’
will never end
~ along with the hundreds
of souls that carry
a tiny piece of gold
within their blessed hearts
all because of you…

May 23 .18


There will always be many
who only stick around
long enough
to pick out a few
easy & feel good
juicy pages to read.
So wait ~
for the kind of soul
who wants to carefully
read your ENTIRE book
from start to finish
and then you might
find yourself
reading theirs
in return…

April 13 .18

Pocket Sized Pieces of Wisdom

Play hard, love deeply, travel far.
Grab you life with 2 hands
& shake the shit out of it.
Empty your cup for others
& then spend alone time
filling it back up…

Move your body,
make things with your hands,
push creative boundaries,
triple down on your strengths
& be brave enough to be
honest & vulnerable
by sharing your stories…

Be humble,
be elegant,
be beautiful inside out
& back to front
Live with integrity,
believe in quality
& be the very best version
of yourself…

Constantly put yourself
in other peoples shoes,
be kind to others
& then be even kinder to yourself.
You are so much more than
just a reflection in the mirror
staring back at you.

Breathe blood,
sweat tears,
work your ass off for things
that truly matter.
Most things in life are not
important, nor matter,
but it’s important that we
give a shit
& do them anyway.

Keep fear seated
at the back of your bus,
never the driver.
And for fuc’s sake,
do not live ur life
as if you were
an untouched couch covered in plastic?!

And this years epic learning curve
is to wish myself
and for all others
to constantly check in
and ask oneself ~
‘Does this Soul
add value to my life?’
If Yes ~ Arms wide open,
access to unlimited time,
connection with curiosity
& excited to share…
But if it’s No ~
Then its a beautiful smile
& a polite side step to the left.
Wish them well, wave them goodbye
& carry on giving to others
& soaring to high places
that you’re working towards
& dreaming to be…

January 9 .18


When an old love
feels their heart
being ripped from their chest
for the first time,
breaking clean in half
& finally understands
a snippet of what your
heart & soul endured
way back when
& all you want to do
is comfort their hurt
knowing that you would
never wish that kind of
heartache on anyone…

January 7  .18