What Are Tailor Made Soul Stories?

Tailor Made Soul Stories is a highly individual process where you have a unique opportunity to work directly with Tams’ (the artist) to help create that special ‘one of a kind’ Soul Story in a truly personal and creative way.

When requesting a TMSS, the first step would be to give Tams any kind of details about the subject behind the Soul Story ~ whether it’s personality, physicality, names, expressions, colours, a place, personal stories – information that you might want to be used or even particular words you like?
 ANYTHING at all really that might be somehow included within the TMSS…

From there Tams’ gets a feel for the direction in which you would like to go and constructs the first draft. This is then presented to you for feedback/discussion and to ensure the TMSS is heading in the right direction. Sometimes the story evolves easily, sometimes it goes back and forth between the client and Tams’ until both parties are comfortable. Either way, it’s never a problem because Tams’ wants this to be a very beautiful and personal process for everyone.

Once story feels good for you and Tams’, she prepares the accompanying illustration and shows you the sketch before she proceeds with the final draft… This unique and personal process is currently priced at $895 aud (30% deposit required) ~ please don’t hesitate to contact Tams‘ for any questions.

Exclusive Tailor Made Soul Stories feather deckled paper
Exclusive feather deckled paper for Tailor Made Soul Stories

About the Paper


All TMSS originals are created on very special ‘Twinrocker’ paper that Tams discovered in the USA.
Twinrocker is a 100% cotton, handmade watercolor paper. Owners Howard and Katherine Clarke run America’s most prolific handmade paper mill in Brookston, Indiana.

Many of these sheets are “feather deckled” in a unique process invented by Twinrocker (see top right photo above). All papers are neutral pH and sized with purely archival materials. 200 lb (440 gsm) weight.

A3 size unless you have a specific request or if you prefer a straight cut edge paper – these finer details will be discussed when necessary. This is tailor made to your needs and wants…


Meggan Lea Dowdell

My soul stories experience was something I can honestly say I was 100% happy with, I had been searching for a long time for something to be created to show how I feel about the loss of my dad, and tams captured that perfectly; not only did she take the time to work with me until we made the perfect piece, I feel like she immersed herself in it to feel how I felt so she could then put that feeling to paper, a truly special experience, I feel that only a special soul can do something so beautiful like this for people.

Meggan Lea Dowdell / Company
Chiara Centra

A number of years ago I reconnected with a friend from school on Facebook and was delighted to discover her artwork – quirky and sweet with heartfelt stories. I continued to follow her journey and when my children’s birthdays were approaching, I decided to contact Tams and requested two totally unique Tailor Made Soul Stories. I described my children to her and gave her some key words and from that she came up with our “Fuzzy Little Coconut” and “To the Moon and Back”, both of which still hang in the children’s bedrooms and which the children still talk about being specially made for their birthdays. A special lady with an amazing talent.

Chiara Centra / Company

I’m so happy with the outcome of my TMSS…from beginning to end, the entire process was wonderful.
Talking to Tams about the love I have for the couple for whom my piece was commissioned and their love for
each other made the whole experience joyous. I presented it as a wedding gift to my son & daughter-in-law
who were absolutely delighted! Thanks Tams!

Alida / Company

We spoke to Tams about a Tailor Made Soul Story for my father.  I wanted to somehow encapsulate the very special place he has, not only to me, but to our entire family.  Tams was very patient and thorough.  She took lots of time to sort out our complex family, and the events which brought us all to a particular place and time.  She helped us find the words and images which somehow brought to life our patriarch – my dad.  We also felt very comfortable in asking for adjustments and having our own input into the final piece.  It was a pretty special day when we presented dad with his soul story.  Sharing with him how Tams came up with the final image was in itself a special afternoon, and helped us all to open the door to the sentiments which we hold so dear in our relationship.  Thanks Tams – your work is accessible, unique and incredibly precious.


Booma / Company