Still So Much

But there was still SO MUCH
you had to do…

So many dreams
you had to catch, 
sunsets to see,
candles to wish upon
& belly laughs until 
you can’t breathe…

You’re ‘to do’
will never end
~ along with the hundreds
of souls that carry
a tiny piece of gold
within their blessed hearts
all because of you…

May 23 .18

Preview for Perla ~ Transit Dance

Just by helping one soul, you may not be changing the world in leaps and bounds, the way wished you dreamed you could be – but for that one soul, you have changed their entire universe…

May Soul Stories be a part of that change – to help, heal and inspire that ‘one soul’ at a time…
Gathering up a few special creations to be a part of a silent auction for Transits Dance incredible event to help bring that one soul called Perla, a little closer to her dreams…
If you feel a little bit lost and not sure how to help yourself at times, then they are moments to stretch out and help someone else..

Who is your someone out there? Much love and light xx t


“The pains I go through everyday is not remembered anytime I step onto my world of ballet…
please do not let my dream die.”
– Perla Anthony

Perla is a passionate seventeen year old dancer from Nigeria, Africa, who is fighting for her dreams amongst the hardship of poverty. Her ambition is to become a ballet teacher and share her passion for dance with other young Nigerians, however, with no organised Ballet schools in her community, her road to success will require a fairly unique pathway.

Josephine Woodberry, director of Brunswick School of Dance, is determined to assist Perla in her pursuit. She has been offering filmed ballet lessons while funding Perla’s return to secondary school, and has also launched a ‘go fund me’ page to raise enough money to bring Perla to Melbourne, Australia. Once in Melbourne Perla will undertake a Certificate IV Dance Teaching and Management, as well as regular Ballet training at Brunswick School of Dance.

The students currently completing the Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management at Transit Dance are presenting a special preview performance to assist with the fundraising to bring Perla to Melbourne.

On Wednesday the 20th of September, Transit Dance will present two performances of Motion Gallery (performed by first year contemporary students) and one performance of Neon Dreams (performed by the first year performing arts students).
You can read all about these shows here.

Date & Time
Wed. 20 September 2017
9:00 am – 3:00 pm AEDT

Transit Dance Studios
10 Elizabeth Street
Kensington, VIC 3031

All proceeds from tickets sold for this preview event will go directly to Perla’s Go Fund Me page (, which has been set up to raise the much needed funds associated with bringing Perla to Melbourne.

If you would like to support this worthy cause, whilst also enjoying a night of quality dance, please click HERE to purchase tickets!

With our help, Perla could be on her way to fulfilling her dreams of sharing the gift of Ballet to many.



From the moment l see you
smiling back at me,
l know that we are
caught in the middle
of a bittersweet dream…
And if l was promised
I could touch you
& be with you
every time I closed my eyes
~ then I’d spend my days sleeping,
even if it meant
waking up in a
constant pool of
heartache & tears…

May 20 .17


“Dondoks” ~ a Franco-Mexican-Brasilian Shoebrand

When you’re feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed and getting no where closer to your dreams, goals and visions – thats where you give EVEN MORE… but not to yourself. Thats when you change your focus and choose someone else…

Soul Stories is super proud of these two dancer friends of mine (whom l used to dance with at the Lido) Carmen Cerrillo Corbin and Charlotte Janaïna Calixte – taking their dancing artistry to the next level and creating bigger and better things.

Please, please, please take a little look at their Kickstarter idea, “Dondoks” ~ a Franco-Mexican-Brasilian Shoebrand and the beautiful story of two friends who met through their common passion for dancing.

Feeling so much to love to help out two inspiring souls stretch out a little closer to their dreams. Sure it may only be in a little way – but lots of little ways pieced together = one BIG way!
Happy sunny hump day – how are you helping someone else reach a little closer to their dreams?
Much love, xt

The idea of Dondoks sandals was first brainstormed back in 2015 as our co-founder Carmen Cerrillo was travelling to Spain. She was looking for a pair of nice colorful sandals, but she couldn’t find anything she liked. She thought how nice it would be to have a pair of cute, comfortable and stylish sandals for summer. After returning to Paris, she shared the idea with her best friend Charlotte who had just graduated from a renowned Parisian fashion school. Together they realized it was time to create a product that would combine high quality materials with beautiful and feminine designs. Fast forward two years, and they are proud to announce the launch of Dondoks. 


“We have been working on this project for almost two years now, and it took us a long time to find the right manufacturer who would understand exactly what we had in mind and who would be willing to work with a young brand. As a matter of fact, we were looking for a traditional and handmade “savoir-faire”. We knew that in Europe, France and Italy are well-know in the shoe industry for luxury handmade products, but we had also heard that Brazil’s history in high-quality shoe production could be the perfect solution for two girls coming from Latin America.“

Want to learn more? Click below:…/1…/when-2-showgirls-make-shoes