German Heart Connection

A long overdue Soul Story…

End of February this year (pre Covid) l was pottering around my studio, prepping for the Seven Sisters Festival when a massive motor home rocked up – and some foreign man and lady made their way to our back door.
I couldn’t quite understand what they were saying/asking, but just assumed they were here as ‘couch surfers’?! But through there English/German accent, I picked up on the words Soul Stories and finally realised they were actually searching for my new book!!

In a nutshell – they had been on an epic mission to hunt down my special book, ‘Wild Heart Sunseeker’. They first saw a copy of it from their friends up in Bright, and tried to find it in ‘Bright Organics’ (which stocks my gift cards) and then onto the local book store. Of course No go from anywhere as it had only just been released, so they looked up the ISBN number on the internet (from their friends’ copy) and found my biz address details etc…

Once I heard how much effort they had gone to and how far they had travelled, I invited them inside and asked if they wanted to see my studio space?
I was honestly beside myself, expressing how much I loved meeting Germans souls as my Grandma was German and she was the kindest lady in the Universe!!! (Not to mention a handful of my dear friends are German).

We exchanged story after story about travels, family, cultures, Australia, Germany – I even pulled out my year 7 family tree project, trying to remember where Grandma grew up?!
We all couldn’t stop grinning like little kids at Christmas!

Jutta Wolfstadter and Gerrit Kreiskott from Odenwald, Germany ??– thank you with all of my heart for this magical moment, your presence was a true gift to my heart.

They ended up purchasing THREE ‘Wild Heart Sunseeker’ books – so I couldn’t let them leave without gifting them an ‘ i dream of Jeanne’ tote to watch over them for the remainder of their travels, which was coming to an end after running around in Oz for a few mths.

What a random beautiful day that I will never forget. Thank you universe – to keep my heart soft and open and to continue to surprise me with inspiring souls close to my heart and for the ones I’ve never met before…

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for your special ‘Wild Heart Sunseeker’ book – Oz fires straight into Covid 19 has made it very difficult to get this special book ‘out there’ – but we will get there, all in good time…

much love, always, tx

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