Grab a cuppa & read our FAQ prior to writing Tams’. If your question cannot be answered below, she will get back to you within 1-3 business days. Please be patient & kind, as Soul Stories can often be a one soul show trying to do 44 things at once… Tams appreciates you all very much & will always do her best to respond to you with personal attention & care.

where do l start?
It can all be a little bit overwhelming at first - kinda like life in general? Anyways, if l were you I'd start at the ‘all soul stories’ page, and let yourself get lost in there. They are all listed alphabetically, but it can be twice as fun if you open them up at random, to see which story you find or perhaps, which story chooses you? At the end of the day, it's all about the stories - your stories. I'm just one of the lucky ones giving them back to you to remember or to be embraced in beautiful ways. Read them. Soak them into your skin. Let them speak to you about what’s important for you at this moment. Fingers crossed that you can find one that’s really special for you, or for someone that you hold dear in your heart. The rest of the new site is just a bonus, and I'm sure you will unconsciously find yourself exploring in the right direction without even realizing where you are going. And hey, if you really treally get lost, or would like to have a little chat about anything, don’t hesitate to drop us a line:
where can l find Soul Stories?
Soul Stories is still quite new and very small at this stage - but we have been fortunate enough to have a small selection at number of shops across Australia and the USA. View all shops here >>
can I stock Soul Stories in my store?
Well, the first thing is to send us your information, so we know you’re interested. Soul Stories is always trying to grow & find its way into the right places and inspiring spaces, so if Soul Stories seems like a possibility for you, let's do what we can to make it happen. It can take a couple of days to respond, but please know that you're at the top of our list of things to do & we look forward to talking with you soon...
what are the delivery charges from the online shop?
At this stage - all product is being sent out from the one place so we will be able to group multiple items together for the best postage price. Tams' will always go out of her way to pack her Soul Stories with quality recycled materials & lowest cost to deliver.
which payment methods are accepted in the online shop?
Soul Stories online shop is currently accepting visa debit cards and /or paypal - just follow the easy payment prompts once you’re at the check out section.
how long does delivery take?
Once the order is received, please allow 1/2 days for us to process it and wrap it up. From there, if posted within Australia, it should take a minimum of 2 business working days and a max of 5 business working days. International postage may vary - when placing your order, please allow 4-6 weeks shipping period, just to be sure, that way gifts can arrive in plenty of time.
what about international custom fees?
Customs fees are not Soul Stories responsibility as they are an import, not an export charge, and we can't tell in advance if they will be charged, or how much they will be. Soul Stories is also not responsible for international items lost via the Australian Post and cannot re-issue any order if an item is lost. Unlikely this will happen, but for just in case...
can I change/cancel my order after it's been submitted?
To edit or cancel an order, you just need to send an email to & we’ll take care of any requests right away. Try to do this within 24 hours, otherwise, not long after, it will most likely be on its way...
can I return Soul Stories products?
Soul Stories has a few different answers here, so please read carefully. ~ If you receive the wrong art print {or size}, we will firstly say oops & sorry, and happily pay for return shipping & send you the right print. ~ If a print is received damaged due to shipping, we will gladly exchange it but cannot pay for shipping. ~ If you simply do not like something that you receive, no problem (proving there it's still in tiptop condition), you can pay the return shipping & we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Send all returns to: Soul Stories 45 Mills Street Heyfield, 3858, Victoria Australia
my order hasn’t arrived ~ what do I do?
~ Please hang tight, sometimes for some phantom reasons the Australia post can be a little temperamental ~ normally it only takes 2-4 days max, but rare experiences have occurred and can take over a week. ~ If you have pre-ordered something, check the ‘Announcements' category located on the Shop page for pre-order shipping updates. ~ International orders, you can use the tracking number associated with your order {which was emailed to you upon shipment} to locate your package at ~ If it was an international order that has been lost by Australia Post, we kindly ask that you wait an extra 2-4 weeks to see if it shows up. As stated on our website, Soul Stories is not responsible for items lost in the mail. Australia Post is a service that we rely on but have no control over once it leaves our facilities. Don’t worry, claims for lost items can be made. ~ Believe it or not, it is common for people to accidentally abandon their cart at check out before completing your order. But that's ok, if you think that you may have abandoned your cart, email and we can help you.
how do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
Our emails should have an “unsubscribe” link or button at the bottom. Just click that & follow any instructions & you’ll be off the list & if that’s not working, just drop a note to
can I use a Soul Stories for a business logo or project?
No, we do not license Soul Stories for personal or business use. Soul Stories are copyrighted and property of Tams'.
can I use a Soul Stories on my website?
Tams' does not license Soul Stories for personal or business use. This means that you can't use Soul Stories images in your branding or advertising materials. However, if you'd like to share a Soul Stories in a blog entry or other forms of social media, that's totally ok! She would also greatly appreciate if you could include credit and attribution. Cheers 🙂
is there a chance we could use a SS on our wedding invitation?
Sounds like a good chance to us. Give us a call at 0490197152, or Skype meeting, or email us & we’ll explain the simple procedure. Just to let you know upfront, there’s a one-time fee for a one-time use of a story, or a Soul Stories drawing. Andddddddd what we would really love is to have a copy of your invitation, just to add to our heartwarming collection. But we’ll have a chat about all of that once you get in touch.
can you please make a creation of SS that hasn’t been illustrated yet?
By all means, if you discover a special Soul Stories that has yet to be illustrated, shoot Tams an email and say, 'pretty please can you create this one!?’ She can’t promise you anything ASAP, but I'm sure she will take your suggestion into consideration & add it to her 'to do' list down the track…
can I commission tams for a Soul Stories?
This is absolutely possible. Tams' has been asked to commission many pieces of work whether its a mural, a logo, your nan's favourite hand mirror, wedding invites, boutique signs or even a pregnant cast? If you haven’t seen already, there is a section called 'Tailor Made Soul Stories’ on the Website. Your best bet would be to have little read first then see how you feel about the whole process and all that jazz. "Tailor-Made Soul Stories is a highly individual process where you a have unique opportunity to work directly with Tams’ (the artist) to help create that special ‘one of a kind’ Soul Story in a truly personal and creative way."
does tams do collaborations or installations?
She most definitely does - and way up high on her 'LOVE' list. Tams' has worked with various talented artists, whether it be local or all the way to Hawaii - exploring different ideas and possibilities to merge their art together. And if she's not already preparing a Soul Stories installation somewhere, she will be assisting another project or creating her own with Melbourne Micro Space Galleries. Keep your eye on Soul Stories blog or events to keep up with her most current projects - and if there is something you would like to discuss further with tams, just drop her an email...
is tams available for guest speaking about Soul Stories/art/life?
As much as Tams struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin speaking in a public situation, she is accepting more and more opportunities to voice her experience on life stories, the importance of creativity and techniques to channel your gift from inside to out. To pass on beautiful knowledge she has experienced in life thus far. Last year it was one guest speaking event, this year it's three and if we know what Tams has to offer, this will only increase every year, so don't be afraid and express your desire to have her onboard your inspiring project/event...
does Soul Stories donate to charities?
A large part of what Soul Stories does is community connection: sharing our stories, taking time to listen & believing in the people who are making the world a more loving & kind place to live. Tams humbly sees Soul Stories as a platform to help, heal & inspire those who feel connected with her work. She is always trying to participate and donate to all kinds of people, charities & events  ~ probably a little more than she should!? We think she forgets sometimes that she has to make a living also? Either way, if you believe that Soul Stories can help make a difference, we’d love to hear about it. Give us a call, or drop us an email to see what’s possible.
can l donate to Soul Stories to assist Tams' helping others?
Tams' appreciates any help she can get to keep spreading Soul Stories in the right spaces and places and to those who truly need to share and connect with others. She is always involved in one too many projects helping others ~ so any little extra help is more than welcome. Donations can be sent to: Soul Stories 45 Mills Street Heyfield, VIC 3858, Australia Paypal donations can be sent to: