When an old love feels their heart being ripped from their chest for the first time, breaking clean in half…

Beautiful Pieces

Your goodbye day will always be that heartbreakingly 
hard day ~ where 
 everything else 
 fades away
 & all…

Heart Removal

She carefully rolled up her heart into her sleeve, unbuttoned her shirt 
& let it slide off 
her slender shoulders…


From the moment l see you smiling back at me, l know that we are caught in the middle of…

Attached Story

Sometimes we are so attached to a particular outcome
 that nothing else will do 
~ and that's when 
we suffer...…

Heart Colours

All of her heart colours had bled out to a dark grey ~ 
& she wondered 
if anyone could 

Forget More

We tend to forget more than we remember 
~ which seems to 
make life more beautiful 
 & bearable... May…

Peaceful World

Imagine the possibilities if every time we lost a loved one ~ we asked ourselves 
'what can I do to…

Somewhere, Nowhere

You're somewhere not far away ~ but nowhere near closer to my heart... April 9 .17

Nothing New

Her heart whispered 'please never let me go...' Her blind eyes could only cry & her mind coldly replied, 'they…

Unspeakable Space

There's an unspeakable space in my chest which heaves with every breath ~ whenever I think of you & whisper…

Every Birthday

Every birthday you simply wanted the same beautiful thing ~ to see our faces or hear our voices... & now…

Opening Arms

& when he left you, if felt that the universe was in his favour 
when in fact it was 

Every Flower

Every flower in every garden reminds me of you 
~ and the love 
 you held 
 in your heart…

Move Together

How do we move together ~ when we are simply worlds apart? ️ January 24 .16

Don’t Go

Please forgive me ~ & i will try to be better if you don’t let go… January 4 .17

Golden Stitches

Left standing with my heart in my hand after you carelessly pulled out the golden stitches buried within my chest...…


My heart doesnt stop beating when it leaves your hands between the sheets... October 4 .16

Can’t & Can

You can't change who people are ~ you can only love them... October 1 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this…

Nothingness Fade

Always wanting more ~ he kept her guessing to point she started to fade into the nothingness where even a…

Irreversibly Black

Every time her transparent insides were torn apart ~ she allowed her 
heart to darken to a deeper shade of…

Open Heart

Even when your soul sighs ~ keep loving with an open heart... September 11 .16

On the Floor

Heartbreak leads to devastation & desperation ~ where you find yourself on the floor, willing to do absolutely anything to…

Softness & Beauty

The time will come when you find softness & beauty in the hurt they left behind... August 2 .16 [button…

See Me

Why can't you see me ~ when everyone else can... August 1 .16

In Love Heart

Sometimes forgotten memories float by unexpectedly ~ reminding us what it felt like when love lived within our heart... July…

Nature of Love

Every sun goes down & every fire burns out... June 28 .16

Lovers Side

The grass is always greener on the lovers side that walks away... June 27 .16

Rainy Day

No matter what the skies say outside today will always be a rainy day in our hearts… June 18 .16


I've often wondered ~ how could you be so careless 
with my heart... June 14 .16