Pay it Forward ~ Limited Ed. Prints to Charity

Sooooo, during the construction of my book with the reputable ‘Bambra’, there was a little bit of a hiccup with getting them out in time for customers/ stockists – so they kindly gifted me with 8 or so limited edition prints, chosen especially from my book, printed on the same lush paper, blown up to a mega a2 size.
Looks fab I must say!!!

So I decided to pay it forward by offering each one to anyone and everyone at a ridiculously low price of $85 aud each and all proceeds would go to a charity of the person choice.

As promised – will be adding a few stories as to who purchased a Soul Stories limited edition print and where the funds were donated to… (only with permission of course)
First up we have the lovely and local Jill Ayres ~ a gorgeous soul who practices and teaches Yoga at ‘Yoga Space Gippsland’.
Im sure she has MANY ‘other’ feathers in her cap, but have yet to find out.

Jill says:
One Planet Classrooms, this charity is dear to my heart. My beautiful friend Kerryn set it up and it does amazing work for children,  especially young girls in Africa.”

I have just emailed Kerryn to explain the whole story and send though funds this afternoon. Will post a little more about this organisation below.
Im still so amazed to learn about incredible people in this world doing incredible things for others, to simply give back, to serve. More of us coming together please xxxx
Much love
tams x


“One Planet Classrooms is a Not-For-Profit organisation that provides support to individuals, schools and communities in developing countries. Our 3 primary projects are Student Sponsorships, Sanitary Pad making, and projects that directly relieve poverty and suffering. One Planet Classrooms subscribes to the ‘Pay it Forward’ principle and our vision is to create a united, peaceful planet.
One Planet Classrooms was founded as a result of Kerryn working closely with an amazing, dedicated teacher in Guinea, who was (and still is) struggling to keep the school afloat due to the devastating impact of the Ebola virus.
What was originally a plan to set up one classroom with some Skype contacts, has now become an organisation that directly relieves poverty and suffering  in developing countries, while building great relationships across the globe empowering the next generation.
The only way we can create a better world, apart from taking immediate personal action no matter how big or small, is to empower the next generation to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves, rather than be directed by inherited thinking and beliefs that no longer serve humanity or the planet.
Humans have become the most destructive species alive, and we are currently destroying the planet at a rate never before experienced. The next generation must be nurtured to create solutions that outweigh the problems, and therefore we must teach kids ‘how’ to think and not ‘what’ to think.

Thank you for your support…”


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