A Rarity

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a very Beautiful & inspiring soul who was kinda sorta at the tail end of his incredible opening & transformation…

I was extremely touched by his soulful stories, his rollercoaster journey, his heartfelt writing(s) & his generosity by purchasing a number of Soul Stories creations for key/close souls in his life. It was all so incredibly overwhelming…

This crazy beautiful world continues to tip us upside down & remind us how little we know &how much we need and can continue to learn from others & their stories… 

I said to Garry how incredibly lucky & special his friends were, to be receiving such beautiful stories – I also mentioned how completely blown away ‘I would be’ to receive such a gift out of the blue….

Anyways a few days later, before running back to Heytown/home/studio – Garry asked if he could meet up for a cuppa & grab a few more Calendars. What I was not absolutely not expecting was a very generous gift which brought me to tears… He had pretty much listened to what I had said & written a story about/for me & then gifted it to me?!!!
Not only a talent with his words, storytelling but the simplicity & kindness in his giving back to others.

Thank you Garry, with all of my heart – for this reminder of keep on trying every freaking day to be the best possible version of yourself, because you don’t always know who you are helping, influencing, inspiring & validating out there along with the bonus of feeling of feeding your own heart & soul full of love & hugs.
Much lov, tx

p.s be brave & believe you are enough…





2 thoughts on “A Rarity

  1. Garry says:

    Hey Tams,
    So pleased I was able to capture in a small way the positive impact of your creations. The rich and raw sentiment expressed in your work that I have been able to share with others has been a gift to my soul.
    A small drop of kindness can make vast ripples!
    Big hugs,
    Garry x

    • tams says:

      Beautiful soul – thank you for your kind words and awareness. You are so true – what we see as something as small can be quite big in other ways that are not visible to the eye. Thank you for the reminder. Much love, tams x

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