Soul Stories not so Secret Book

Have you heard on the yummy grapevine?

Soul Stories premiere Book is coming!


Shhhh, to be honest, there are a lot of things, tucked up my sleeve that are coming soon – but this announcement is the BIG one, so lets just concentrate on this for now…

I’m currently in big play and brainstorming with Bambra Books (based n Port Melbourne) and annoying my rockstar graphic designer Gin Pineau to bring my vision to life. I should be receiving a quote from the printers today or tomorrow which wil indicate how many limited edition books will be created and what fun things to be included inside.

It seems that a  lot of self publishers l know take their books overseas to be printed – which l completely understand because of the difference in cost production. But l’m such a hands on soul, who wants to work closely with my printers, bouncing ideas off each other to create my Soul Stories dream book (of many to come) that has been sitting inside my hear for the last 16 years… Annnnnd l love to support businesses l personally know, just as much as they support me! So that’s why I want to keep production in Australia – even if it means it might take a little longer to produce and have to jump on a crowd funding platform or something? to make it all happen…

In a perfect world – they will be ready by Christmas, eek, that’s a push I know, but she’s going for it!!
The pre-order page will be up soon, which of course my newsletter signup peeps will be the first to know ~ just as soon as I can figure out a price point from production cost.
What I do know is that it will be a limited edition run, and each book will have a special page where l will personally write in which number book you have, along with my famous signature, hahaha…

No pictures to show just yet, but l do have a lot of books sprawled out around me that have inspired me greatly and will influence some of my ideas mixed with my own possibilities… The hardest part of all is choosing WHICH stories to include from the last 16 years, eek!??!? Thats a lot of stories – but don’t worry, lm sure there will be more books in the near future once I can figure out how the first one will unfold!?

Next part is because lm self publishing – I have a WHOLE lot of learning about  how to actually get a book ‘out there’ – in the right channels,  possible bookstores, online and in the real and all that jazz,  but lm starting by spreading the news with my dear followers first… 

Its all part of the journey – never the end game, so let the waves continue to roll on in and will keep you all posted with the PRE-BOOK SALE!!!!

Big hugs and love, tams xxx

P.s If you hav a FAV Soul Stories, pretty please let me know and I will add it to my considered Story list!!!!




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