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Forgive me, lm a little behind on my ‘thank you’ shout outs towards my wonderful Pozible pledgers out there, who are to helping me bring ‘Wild Heart Sunseeker’ to life.

But l have a great excuse, as my 2 days run to Melbs was based all around meeting up with a wonderful man called Euan Mitchell, Australia’s foremost expert on self-publishing.

Many moons ago (let’s say 2005ish) when I was still dancing on cruise ships and mum was gentle hassling me to do ‘something’ with Soul Stories. That’s when I found ‘Self-publishing made Simple’ the only book l could find on self-publishing based in Australia. I read it from cover to cover, scribbling notes all throughout, buying recommended books, organized an ABN for Soul Stories, even set up an account with Thorpe-Bowker and bought an ISBN number?!
Ahhhh the hunger and naivety of it all, yet grateful for the tiny bit of research &prep work under my belt to understand how BIG a job it truly is, to self publish.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because this brilliant book was written by Euan Mitchell! I can’t even begin to list all of the credits to his name but will try as my story continues…

A few days after deciding that the time was right (mid April) to get my butt into gear &get the ball rolling for Soul Stories premiere art book, I thought hmmm, what are the chances of trying to find/reach out to Euan Mitchell and ask a few questions – as we all know how much has changed from the early 2000s until now, regarding books/publishing/social media etc…
To be fair I wasn’t expecting a reply – but as most of you know, l always live by, ‘if you don’t ask, then the answer is always no’. So l threw it out there &simply asked – &holy crap, a few mths later he replied?!!
We chatted back and forth to a little while &after learning more about SS, the foundation I had laid &where my development of ‘WHS’ was currently at (not to mention noticing my hungry hippo appetite to learn and ex-dancer discipline to follow through) Euan said he would be happy to give some time to talk in the real to answer more questions &give some more advice.

Seriously, if he had seen my happy dance after setting a time and date to meet – I’m fairly positive he would have canceled… ?

Anyways – just WOW!!!!!
I’m still digesting all the information & help he freely gave in the space of 1.45mins?! Just when l thought I wrapped my head around most things with this book – I feel like I’m back at the beginning again, with soooooo much to learn and still to do?!

Ive already rewritten the notes I had taken throughout our meeting, all of Euans advice & words of wisdom (oh why, oh why didn’t I audio record?!!!) but I know I’ve probably missed out a few golden nuggets here & there. He even gave me his latest updated version book on self-publishing, ‘Your Book Publishing Options’ and promised him a Soul Stories Calendar & book very soon…

I can’t believe that this wonderful man who writes, workshops, teaches, publishes, mentors – has given so much to a complete stranger, who didn’t have anything in return…
I know that if I put myself in a role reversal situation, l wouldn’t bat an eyelid & think anything of it – but l understand the value of such help, and that we all have to survive somehow…

Thank you so much Euan and can not say it enough!!! I most certainly have a lot of homework to do and diving into your Self Publishing ‘follow up book’ right now!
I can’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel despite the literary gatekeepers!!!
Xx t???❤️?


More on Euan Mitchell & self-publishing, l highly recommend this brilliant podcast by The Garret:

More on Euan Mitchell’s credits:


“Euan Mitchell is Australia’s foremost expert on self-publishing, or indie publishing, as it is increasingly becoming known. He’s helped thousands of people down the often perilous track of indie publishing. A writer, a publisher, a lecturer, his interest in this field began with the publication of his own novel, Feral Tracks in 1998.

Euan self-published Feral Tracks after it was rejected by 25 literary agents and publishers. After its success, Hardie Grant published Euan’s first non-fiction publication, Self-Publishing Made Simple: the Ultimate Australian Guide. Euan then started his own publishing imprint, OverDog Press, to release the second edition of the work. In 2014 he publishedYour Book Publishing Options: How to Make and Market Ebooks and Print Books with the support of the Australian Society of Authors.

Euan has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Victoria University. He taught at Box Hill Institute of TAFE and now teaches at Swinburne University.“


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