Mural gift for Heyfield Memorial Swimming Pool

Oh my,
l may not be the wealthiest artist right now thanks to Covid 19 – and yet lm most definitely the richest within my heart and soul. A massive positive from this Pandemic has given me the push and time to explore new artistic dreams, which I’ve been wanting to play with for a long time…

And I guess there’s not much is left to with all of the attention I’ve received from the Heyfield Community, Supporters around the World, Win News Gippsland, ABC Gippsland Radio and just recently our local Gippsland Times Newspaper.
Click on any of the links below and enjoy hearing/watching/reading the unfolding of my premiere Soul Stories Mural on the Heyfield Memorial Swimming Pool.

Fingers crossed this is only the very beginning of many more to come! Thank you to so many eath angles out there supporting my artistry along the way – as always, l can’t do it without you, your stories, your help, encouragement, inspiration & support.
Much love, always tams x

P.s I’m currently working on WALL TWO of the 3 piece Heyfield Swimming Pool Mural – so swing by and say hello if you’re in the area!?


WIN News Gippsland

WIN News Gippsland – Mural gift for Heyfield Memorial Swimming Pool


ABC Gippsland Radio Interview



Gippsland Times Newspaper








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