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I found out about this talented gal mid 2014 – actually it was via my much loved artist/mentor Brian Andreas. He said something along the lines of, “Have you head of Molly Hahn? She’s from USA, the creator of Buddha Doodles? You remind me a little bit of her”.  Well, anything he has to say is pretty much gospel, so I hunted her down immediately and naturally loved her thought provoking Buddha Doodle creations. She has such a beautiful & HUGE fan base, which has accumulated through hard a lot of work but also in a very organic manner, which l love, love, love.

A few months passed & as l was stretching on my yoga mat, l came across some news feed on my Facebook called ‘The Unstarving Artist Academy” conducted by Molly. Hmmm, it was a group coaching program focusing on helping you develop a daily practice that supports your inner & outer success.  I honestly don’t know why, but Molly’s gentle voice was calling and I spontaneously signed up in seconds. And what a awesome move that was!!

Molly & her inspiring course has been a very important part of taking Soul Stories to the next level, creatively and having the confidence to believe in the business it could be, and will be!  I feel extremely blessed for all the dots connecting to this moment in time & what’s even more wild, is that l’m now a little part of her Buddha Doodles world, working along side her, learning and being her special customer support assistant. What can I say, the world works in mysterious ways, and l count my stars every day to have her in my world…

molly hahn
Molly Hahn