Painter / Writer

I stumbled across this incredibly gifted artist just by chance on Facebook, 2013.
Silvia Pelissero, an Italian painter best known as Agnes Cecile.

Of all the wonderful souls I have mentioned in this ‘Inspiration’ section, she is the one I know least about, yet has influenced Soul Stories illustrations to take on new form and direction from late 2013…

Agnes is well known for her layered, gorgeous watercolor work, creating rich, emotional human portraits using humble images coupled with abstract color and detail. Her work seriously blows me away ~ the perfect combination of simplicity mixed with complexity… One of the things I love the most is that despite ‘only’ finishing high school & being a self-taught artist, her raw talent has sky rocketed her career at such a young age.

She is constantly pushing her creativity and style to new limits and l look forward to watching her continue to growth into the great artist she is destined to be…