photographer / mentor

I had just moved to Paris (in 2007) for the 2nd time in my life & thanks to my artist friend Catherine Hiller, l was flicking through different artist’s on a site called ‘Saatchi’ when my breath faltered ~ I was in absolute awe.
My eyes were staring back at incredible photos of dancers/athlete creating stunning lines with such graceful strength… I wrote to this artist immediately, thanking him for his incredible artistry ~ naturally without expectations for a reply.  So when Klaus did reply, I think I almost fell off my chair, as he was the one saying how humble & grateful he was for my kind words. Bless…

Over time & correspondence, we ended up working together (which l was AMAZED & overwhelmed by such an opportunity) which then turned into a number of times… Over the years Klaus has become a very important friend and figure in my life.

He has taught me more than I can imagine, words of wisdom from a talented artist, as a very dear friend & incredible mentor. I only wish Australia was a little bit (and a lot) closer to Dusseldorf. I miss him and his family dearly…

Klaus Kampert