illustrator / writer

Unsure of the exact year, but my sister and l were shopping along Chapel Street in Melbourne, when we entered into a random boutique filled with beautiful clothes. But strangely enough, all l could see were the odd pieces of paper stuck to the wall, illustrated with quirky female character & heartbreakingly beautiful words.

A few years later l returned to Australia after a dancing contract, only to pick up a small gift book and completely spin out, recognizing the same character my sis and l had stumbled across many moons ago. Since then, I have been following her art and career from afar for quite some time and am in constant awe of the emotional strength she continues to pour into her work.
I have also been blessed with an hour or so to chat with her up in Sydney ~ and always picking her beautiful brain when l’m up against a personal & professional challenge.

Emma Magenta, what a gorgeous gift your art has been over the years, which continues to open my heart and for so many others… Thank you x

Emma Magenta