writer / illustrator / storyteller / mentor

I first discovered this artist in a little boutique in Juneau/Alaska, 2000. I distinctly remember sprawling out on the shop floor, flipping through every single one of his prints & reading through every story in his books. I was probably there for a good few solid hours!? From that day on, I was hooked, line & sinker and have been ever since. His bright illustrations & wise words of wisdom have been a major influence on my own creations.

Lucky for me & the wonderful world of internet, l feel very privilege to have held a number of conversations with Brian about art, philosophy, business & crazy life in general… Have yet to meet this incredible soul face to face, but it’s definitely on my bucket list ‘to do’ one day sooner rather than later.

Thank you Brian, for all of your magical art, your beautiful stories & your significant knowledge when needed most (which is always) ~ l am humbly grateful…


Brian Andreas