Today’s the Day…

August 11th 2016 ~ Today I’ve realized 2 things I’m very proud of…

In almost 3 years I’ve only bought one piece of clothing (minus underwear) until a few days ago ~ focusing on feeding every penny back into my Soul Stories vision…
So the second piece of clothing I’ve purchased happens to be my first ever pair of sports skins (thanks for your amazing help @lululemonausnz in Chadston).Today's the Day
Kinda hard to believe considering all of the dance, yoga & training l’ve taken part of during the last 30 odd years. Overcoming a huge hurdle & pushing through fears of not feeling good in tight pants/leggin’s… We all have ‘our stuff’ and body image has been an ongoing struggle in my world. For some reason or another l’ve alway been super self conscious in fitted clothes, hugging me in what I consider the wrong places…

Anyways – today is one of those days where I’m stepping up and practicing what l preach to all of you amazing souls out there.
Be brave and believe ~ you are enough!!!
Because you are all freaking AMAZING – me included… ☺️??❤️?? 

much love and light always xxx t

2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day…

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you Tams for today. Your art has touched my soul in a very special way. I can’t wait to get home and find not only one but 2 special places for my amazing originals xxx
    Much thanks from the Canberra girl…Nic

    • Tams says:

      Beautiful Nicole, bless, and my soul has been touched just as much as yours… Thank you with all of my heart, for taking time to read through each creation and finding ‘your’ story. That really means so much to me. The lovely place in Cooma that has quite a few SS bits and piece is called Earth Song ॐ Wellness Centre Snowy Mountains, 95-99 Commissioner St. The owner (Trish Nubel) is simply divine. By all means if you see anything on the website, or need any help with anything, be sure to drop me a line and say hello. Much love, tams xx

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