There will always be many
who only stick around
long enough
to pick out a few
easy & feel good
juicy pages to read.
So wait ~
for the kind of soul
who wants to carefully
read your ENTIRE book
from start to finish
and then you might
find yourself
reading theirs
in return…

April 13 .18

Settled Heart

It settled his heart
to send her post
over the next few weeks
~ something, anything,
for her to hold him
while he waited
patiently to see her.

She reassured him that
post would always be the
most beautiful way ~
but what she was already
holding from him
could not be package up
and sent…

& with such tender words,
she gently picked him up
& swept him off
his feet ~ the first of
many times to come…

December 17 .13