A Rarity

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a very Beautiful &inspiring soul who was kinda sorta at the tail end of his incredible opening &transformation… 🌱

I was extremely touched by his soulful stories, his rollercoaster journey, his heartfelt writing(s) &his generosity by purchasing a number of Soul Stories creations for key/close souls in his life. It was all so incredibly overwhelming… 🌱

This crazy beautiful world continues to tip us upside down &remind us how little we know &how much we need and can continue to learn from others &their stories… 🌱

I said to Garry how incredibly lucky & special his friends were, to be receiving such beautiful stories – I also mentioned how completely blown away ‘I would be’ to receive such a gift out of the blue…. 🌱

Anyways a few days later, before running back to Heytown/home/studio – Garry asked if he could meet up for a cuppa & grab a few more Calendars. What I was not absolutely not expecting was a very generous gift which brought me to tears… He had pretty much listened to what I had said & written a story about/for me & then gifted it to me?!!! 🌱
Not only a talent with his words, storytelling but the simplicity &kindness in his giving back to others – to me?!! 🌱

Thank you Garry, with all of my heart – for this reminder of keep on trying every freaking day to be the best possible version of yourself, because you don’t always know who you are helping, influencing, inspiring & validating out there along with the bonus of feeling of feeding your own heart & soul full of love & hugs.
Much lov, tx

p.s be brave & believe you are enough…





Summer Yoga Festival ~ Gippsland 2017

Just home, and off the phone from the lovely Jan Cussen. Soul Stories has been invited to take part in the inspiring ‘Sumer Yoga Festival’ next Sunday! Not only do l get to support a local event – but everything about this special day is completely in alignment of what Soul Stories is about – to help, heal and inspire.
For more informations about this day, be sure to read through and click on the link below.Now its time for some super important stuff, like nourishing my soul! HAPPY SUMMER dayz peoples, much love, t xxx

Summer Yoga Festival:
This festival is aimed at Yogi’s of all levels and experience; come and connect with the earth in the beautiful Civic Place in the heart of Warragul. Be surrounded by the Yogi community of Gippsland. The Summer Festival includes 2 Yoga practices, a guided meditation, lunch, market and a few surprises during the day.
Come away feeling more connected to yourself, stronger and maybe even make some new friends on the day.

Sun. 26 February 2017
9:30 am – 4:00 pm AEDT

Civic Place
Clifford Street
Warragul, VIC 3820

Tickets available here