When an old love
feels their heart
being ripped from their chest
for the first time,
breaking clean in half
& finally understands
a snippet of what your
heart & soul endured
way back when
& all you want to do
is comfort their hurt
knowing that you would
never wish that kind of
heartache on anyone…

January 7  .18

Half Dreaming

I knew I was half dreaming
but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying ~
so l called out your name
for you to turn around
& looked directly into your eyes
to tell you how much l loved you
& missed you even more…
Your big beautiful warm smile
told me that you were ok
& that you wouldn’t evaporate
if l were to lightly touch your hand,
followed by a full embrace…
You were so real,
feeling you more than real in my arms
~ but my heart was exploding
with such an overload of emotion
& cried even more as I could feel
myself leaving you, floating away,
back to being awake…

February 16 .14