Spot on Coca-Cola


Normally l would never look twice at Coca-Cola or their advertising or pretty much anything that represents their sugary and very unhealthy soft drink ~ but this one time, l’ve got to hand it to them…
The concept for this advert is simple & brilliant.

“It’s no secret that human beings base much of our judgements on looks. How a person looks is usually the first thing we notice about them, but what happens if you meet someone without seeing them?
That’s what Coca-Cola wanted to try when it placed 6 strangers in a dark room and had them meet for the first time in total darkness.”

No one is perfect, and we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover (some more than others). Hopefully this can be a little reminder to open your heart a little further than yesterday & give people a chance to feel comfortable, allowing them to show ‘all’ of their incredible colours without feeling insecure…

Yes, I truly believe that everyone deserves a clean slate until proven otherwise. Everyone has their own stories that we know absolutely nothing about.
If Coca-Cola Campaign can get their shit together to remove labels ~ then there is no excuse, so can we!
Much love & light, tx


Coca-Cola no labels



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