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Artistic Director/ Chorographer

My story about Paul Malek starts when l was about 8 or 9 years old, back in my dance competition days at the Morwell & Traralgon Eisteddfod in Gippsland. Paul was few years younger than me, so l never took much notice of him.  I have vague memories of him being a nice little technical dancer, but boys will be boys and just thought that he was a bit annoying behind the scenes sometimes…

Paul Malek
Paul with sister Alison Malek

Towards the end of 2007 l settle back into the dancing scene in Paris when l stumbled across a small video on Paul’s Facebook page. The image l had of Paul was still something like the photo to left, back in our spring point days. So when l clicked onto his video of a contemporary piece he had choreographed to a beautiful piece of music I was pretty much dumbfounded, kind of in shock!? I was having a hard time believing that this was the same person… It was in that very distinct moment that l knew that this boy was indeed someone special, going places very soon (if he wasn’t on his way already) ~ such an incredible talent who could create storytelling through dance on another level. I felt an immense sense of connection to his passion which was so evident in this tiny piece of choreography that l had watched several times over. I immediately wrote to Paul, congratulation on this stunning piece and asked him for the name of the music (Your Call by Secondhand Serenade). Im pretty sure l told him how inspired l was, and as silly as it seemed, very proud of the direction he was heading in!

From that moment on, l have been watching him from afar, falling in love with his extreme passion, hard work and dedication to dance. Australia is so very lucky to have such an artistic strength ~ who continues to push boundaries and shaking up traditional ways of how dancers are taught, seen and heard in this fast paced world.

Just seeing his choreography on Australia’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ catches my breath and sends shivers up my spine. I have yet to see one of his performances in the REAL and really MUST now that l have settle back in Australia ~ no excuses!

Paul is currently the Artistic Director of Transit Dance which is a unique training institution that offers nationally accredited courses to transition students of contemporary dance and aspiring dance teachers into their professional careers. Transit Dance encompasses innovation, creativity and artistic diversity. Their aim is to empower the next generation of dance artists to transition into their future roles as dancers, choreographers and teachers.

This special ‘featured inspiration’ section is not necessarily a bio on each persons achievements – but more about my connection with them, how their life has intertwined with mine and how they have inspired my heart and soul (and continues to) in so many ways. Anyway, l’m pretty sure l would run out of room if l were to try and list all of Pauls achievements!?
If you would like to find out more about Paul and what he might be hiding up his sleeve, be sure to check out his personal website or  ‘Paul Malek Official’ on Facebook .
Thank you Paul, with all of my heart, l’m still quietly watching you from afar ~ feeling inspired and proud of your incredible journey and even more so excited for what is yet to come…  xt

“A prolific dance entrepreneur, Paul is the driving force behind Australian dance businesses Transit Dance, Underground Australia, Immersed, Project Y, Boom Media, Boom Management, Dance Chat and theatrical production company Collaboration The Project.

Paul’s choreographic credits include; So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Dancing with the Stars, Up Here (film), Hair The Musical, Yours Truly, and a plethora of highly acclaimed & award winning theatrical dance productions.

In June 2013 Paul was awarded the role of directer and choreographer for the Australian dance feature film UP HERE, set for release in 2014.

Paul is actively engaged in the Australian dance community. As artistic director of The Victorian Dance Festival, and an active board member of Australian Teachers of Dancing International & Ausdance Victoria, Paul’s passion is clear; to develop a strong and connected local artistic environment, allowing creative artists to grow and expand their craft.”

p.s Here is video link to one of my personal favourite pieces that Paul has choreographed and performed in. Goosebumps!! Be inspired…


Paul Malek
Paul Malek


Paul Malek with his mum/mentor Karen
Paul with his mum/mentor Karen Malek


Transit Dance
Transit Dance

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  1. Karena says:

    A lovely piece, I have similar memories from those back stage days in the Valley and the school holiday performance circuit.

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