Paris my Love

My mind has been so far away today ~
and even further away on my solitary 2.5hr drive home from Mt Eliza… Almost 8 years of pictures, people, memories and every kind of tender feeling of Paris saturated my head… I cant even begin to describe how emotionally attached I feel to this beautiful city.

Hearing about todays horrific events has left me in shock ~ pushing me to revisit the happiest period of my life along with the lowest that has left my heart broken beyond repair…
December 2013, I never wanted to leave Paris ~ but there are moments in your life where the unconscious signs of pebbles being thrown at your head become conscious, which by then have turned into boulders… That’s when you realize a shift in your world has to be made in order to move on, to start breathing again and focus on all the beauty this crazy ‘one shot’ life has to offer…

My heart is with you France, every inch of it!


My dear French friends and family,
l love you,
l pray for you,
l hope for you,
don’t let this day harden your kindness…
You have such a wonderful city
that has captured the heart of so many
~ and always will…
We are with you xxx t


Let the good within our heart
create enough light
to guide us through
this darkness…  
© November 13 .15

‘Enough Light’


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