Not so selfish after all…

For the longest time l’ve always struggled to look in the mirror,
hoping to ‘not’ see the selfish person staring back at me…
Yes ‘selfish’, you heard right. So you may think l’m a little crazy with these thoughts, especially by the line of work that l do ~ but quietly, l’ve always lowered my head in shame, feeling that this ‘word’ is a massive part of my life. I feel like it’s been ingrained in my soul ever since l had the opportunity to leave my county home town at such a young age to pursue a career in dance. Since that day, l have always put my passion first…

Not So SelfishBut clearly l’ve had it wrong this entire time, as this word, this reflection, this guilt ~ has never truly stopped me from embracing my passion, working for as long as it takes, chasing my dreams and experiencing pure esctacy explode from my inside to out as a result…

I recently came across a beautiful post by
Elizabeth Gilbert.
I’m always tapping into her wonderful words of wisdom ~ but this piece in particular, had me in tears and finally feeling shackle free from this ‘selfish word’ that l have worked on every day to avoid and hoping it doesn’t show up on my forehead when l catch my reflection.

No longer will l feel bad for choosing to stay at home to cut out recycled cardboard instead of going out to a social event. Or driving home directly after an Art Market because of several deadlines instead of seeing a wonderful live show… This is the creative path that l choose, taking responsibility, fulfilling ‘my’ kind of dreams & being aware that l can’t have it all (for the moment)
~ so at the end of the day, l choose me…

Now it’s my time to thank ALL of the incredible people that l look up too! That they have chosen themselves and their ‘unselfish’ path. I am beyond grateful that they are living their dreams and the sacrifices they have made to be the inspiring souls they are today. Thank you, thank you, thank you ~ with all of my heart.
I wouldn’t think for less than a second that the world ‘selfish’ comes even close to touching their talents & true integrities.

And thank you Elizabeth Gilbert, for your incredible words that finally hit home ~ speaking directly into my heart at the right time… To read her gorgeous post, please click here

Oh, and incase your were wondering ~ that ‘selfish’ word, was never ingrained within my soul after all, it was merely written in pencil, so l was able to erase in a heartbeat with one of my hundreds of erasers lying around. Can’t believe how much lighter l feel! 😉 Take care & be nice to YOU, much love & light, tx

‘Nothing is permanent, everything is possible’ ~ tams


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