Naked Truth

I was asked tonight:

Why do you post naked pictures of yourself????

My reply without batting an eyelid ~
It’s Art, it’s line, it’s love, it’s life, it’s being vulnerable in every way, it pushing boundaries, it’s beauty, it’s strength, it’s surviving eating disorders, its a dancer aware of her body, its a tool, it’s inspiration, it’s bravery, it’s being uncomfortable, it’s growth, it’s depth, it’s emotion & it’s no big deal in the bigger picture of life…

Yes, in some eyes, it’s an ass, it’s provocative, it’s sexual, its attention seeking, it’s a disgrace…

But look a little closer ~ I’m so much more than the surface of my skin, so many stories deep within… We all are, made up of so many wonders that we may be afraid to show without judgment, without care ~ wearing everything, wearing nothing…

Life is too short – so run & create as much beauty as you can in the world. Lift other souls up, inspire them, give and take and then give some more…
It’s so cliche, but no regrets – keep your heart open, connecting with others and sharing your stories along the way…

Otherwise who gives a fuc in this crazy beautiful one shot life?

Much love always, Xt

(this photo shows a naked body – yet it represents my husband unexpectedly walking out, then learning of your mum being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, in between contracts with no work, trying to support yourself with an apartment you can barely afford on your own, whilst worried that you may be deported as you’re living in a foreign country under a spousal visa…
I only see emotion ~ a soul, broken, beautiful, raw, standing in pool of water representing her tears of despair… )


Photography credit to the AMAZING: Klaus Kampert (sorry for scribbling on it)


4 thoughts on “Naked Truth

    • tams hesz says:

      Thanks so much John – it comes back to being kind to each other as we don’t know what stories they have been through. Thanks for taking the time to read. tx

  1. Michelle S says:

    I love your courage my friend. My life has been affected by eating disorders. I watched my beautiful Mom almost kill herself. Just like you my Mom is a strong courageous woman who I admire. I find it such a blessing that the pain we go through can also give us so many gifts in return ????????

    • tams hesz says:

      Ohhhhh sweet Michelle – just want to hug you dearly… I think you are just as courageous as us all. And your words are so true – our stories do not have to define us, its how we choose to react to each experience and pass on knowledge to others to help, heal and lift them up. We are never alone xx

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