Monique Van Steen ~ featured inspiration


I came across this beautiful Dutch artist through a mutual friend on Facebook. Her artwork caught my eye and I was like WOW and immediately researched more about her and her creative process… Always around the reoccurring theme of female beauty, Monique’s paintings explore boundaries of plain colour-fields held together by expressively dripped paint. I’m extremely drawn to the beautiful way she unites control and chaos within her art ~ which has an element similar in the way I currently illustrate Soul Stories.

I was fortunate enough to swing by Barcelona towards the end of 2013 (where she currently resides) & caught up with her briefly in her wonderful little share studio (at the time).

Monique’s essence is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. We shared artistic ideas, personal stories, works in progress and many laughs along the way.

Even though I won’t be dropping by Barcelona any time soon, I keep my eye on her artistry via social media and continue to be inspired by her wisdom & growth… Such a pleasure to cross paths with you Monique


Monique Van Steen





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