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Not long after my beautiful mum had passed, l found myself back in Paris with a very heavy heart & very lost… Just by chance I stumbled across some beautiful art work on Facebook (via inspirational writer Jennifer Pastiloff). I wrote to the Maui based artist with an open heart saying how moved l was by his work. Such bright vibrant colours, mixed media on wooden panels, with nuts and bolts and all sorts screwed in… I just wanted to touch it. I was very moved by his art work, in particular his ‘fish people’  ~ the colours, sketchy lines, the words, just the simplicity of it all.

To my surprise, he wrote back, very humbled and appreciative of my encouraging feed back. We wrote to each other quite often from that point onwards, learning about each others art and past/present life journey.

Shaun has worked with so many mediums and knows many art techniques that I had absolutely no clue about. He has been a major influence on my artistic abilities, giving me confidence to experiment with different possibilities regarding Soul Stories. We have even collaborated on a very special piece of art, with his ‘Fish People’ and my Soul Stories called ‘Inside to Out’ which remains very special to my heart… I hope we can connect and collaborate again in the not so distant future. Much love to you Shawn…

shawn ardoin
Shawn Ardoin