cartoonist / painter / philosopher

I’ve always loved Leunig… Right through from being a little girl, flicking through my Nan & Grandad’s newspapers, searching for his daily cartoon until present. These days lm exploring & appreciating many other his other used mediums ~ brightly coloured oils, acrylics & earthy etches.

Micheal Leunig’s talent and capability of saying so much with very little words &/or illustration is truly inspiring. At first glance his art can seem rather simple, yet look a little closer and you cant help being captivated by what his ‘less is more’ pictures portray ~ such power and emotion.

Since returning to Australia, there have been a number of occasions where strangers have commented on Soul Stories and how they are reminded of Leunig’s artistry. Wow?  To hear this is like the BIGGEST compliment ever, but quite unimaginable to my ears, as there is a large part of Michael Leunig’s work that explores the more political & cultural side of today’s current affairs. So in that respect I find it hard to make the connection, but on the other hand if we are talking about the fragile ecosystem of human nature, the humorous, messy, mystical, broken & beautiful side of it all, well, the yes, there is definitely a connection.

I have written to him once so far, just to meet for a quiet cuppa, to exchange personal stories and discuss future artistic journeys ~ but was politely declined by his secretary. Hmmm, will definitely have to try again.
Maybe not today Leunig, but down the track, l have a funny feeling we might just bump into each other…

Michael Leunig