Designer / Videographer / Photographer

Who would have known how many stories would have evolved from living next door to this amazing French Froggy gal in the Latin Quarter of Paris?

Despite living next door to each other for quite some time, we first truly met around the end of June, 2011. This period was probably one of the hardest moments of my life and we naturally became good friends, supporting each other and learning a lot about each others hopes, passions and talents. She makes me laugh at how much she doesn’t realise how incredibly talented she is ~ with her design work, photography and ESPECIALLY her unique way of capturing ‘stories’ through her videography and photography.

Gin’s presence has also been a very important role for Soul Stories rapid development from my journal to a piece of art you can hold in your hands. To this day, any design and videography work for Soul Stories (and some photography) is all of Gin’s creations and I can never say ‘thank you’ enough to this wonderful girl, who l’m very lucky to have working by my side & as a dear friend.
She has seen me at my absolute worst and my very best – always being the gentle push and cheer squad to keep Soul Stories on track & reaching higher, day after day… I am beyond grateful for her words of wisdom, unconditional support and love.
Thank you Ginibee, you and your kind soul inspires me times infinity & beyond!

Gin Pineau
Gin Pineau