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In-between dancing contracts, l found myself in Melbourne, running around to different art galleries, searching for inspiration of how l would try to illustrate Soul Stories. Around 2005 I believe?

I rode by ‎Thierry B. Gallery’ almost every day, where a beautiful oil painting in the front window beckoned me to enter. Once l finally built up courage to step inside, that was it.  After a few discussions with Thierry B and not able to shake emotions/connection to the large oil painting & the French/Melbourne based artist ~ I purchased my very first gigantic oil piece.

Months later, l found myself inside Port Art Gallery having a laugh with the owner, when she said, “You know what, you remind me of someone. Your smile, your face your lovely nature.” Of course I had to ask who and when she replied, “Oh just an artist I know, called Catherine Hiller,” well l was kind of in shock – it was the very same artist that had created the oil piece I had bought!
After telling the owner about my crazy connection, she immediately organised for us to meet. WOW!

When the time came to meet Catherine, I was seriously feeling nervous & grateful and in awe rolled into one, which of course fell away once we started chatting. She was so grounded, open, relaxed and we hit it off immediately.

Ever since that day, our lives have intertwined within each others in the craziest ways, if not parallel, then it has been very close behind each other. She is one of my dearest friends who continues to push my artistic abilities and inspires me with her own every day.  Thank Catherine, my secret twin sister…

Catherine Hiller
Catherine Hiller