Dance Teacher / Mentor

Sometimes we meet people in our life and we instantly know that they are someone very special and that you have a lot to learn from them… I met one of these incredible souls in L.A 1999, rehearsing for my first cruise ship contract.  Amy was one of our main dance teachers. I was in awe of her vibrant spirit, her attention to detail, her talent, her precision to to communicate and teach us all so much more than just routine dance steps.

There was one moment in the studio which l remember quite vividly, l’m not sure who gave Amy the gift but l remember her being extremely touched by a particular book and letting everyone take a peek. Of course when l finished flicking through the pages, l was struggling to hold back my tears and thought ‘wow’ ~ curiosity of wanting to get to know Amy much more had tripled.

Its funny how if you want something bad enough, the world conspires? ‘The Missing Piece Meets the Big O‘ by Shelve Silverstein was only the beginning of many connections to come. She has taught me so much about so much beauty in life, how to keep swimming through the hauntingly sad stuff and always has the right words at a time when needed most. We may live countries apart, but her sixth sense and uncanny timing is always impeccable.

“Amy, l’m not sure you realise how big BIG you wisdom AND compassion AND inspiration REALLY is ~ so l’m telling you now, thank you, with all of my heart, to be in my life and all that you continue to give in your incredible ways”



Amy Dorricott Tuvo