I Dream of Jeanne

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Soul Stories is pretty much where it is today because my incredible mum has been my backbone for my entire life… She has always been a beautiful believer in my passion for creating Soul Stories & has encouraged me to dream bigger than I could ever imagine.

We decided to collaborate on Soul Stories next project by developing an eco friendly, cool tote bag. I have a lifetime collection of funky canvas bags, so l had a very good idea of exactly what l wanted. Our main aims were to promote Soul Stories in holistic ways, which benefitted the buyer, would be friendly to our planet & of course remain true towards Soul Stories dream of being organic, unique & touching hearts along the way.

i-dream-of-jeanne-tote-bagMum has always been a highly skilled sewer – so with her expertise, we were on a mission to find the right kind of environmentally friendly fabric & process to create these special Soul Stories bags. Ideally I wanted an organic hemp/cotton canvas – & after receiving sample after sample, our perfect tote bags were going to cost more than an arm and a leg… We could have gone a much cheaper, short cut route, but we knew that this was not the true spirit of Soul Stories.

We were stuck for a while until mum discovered a wonderful Australian company called Hot Chilli Source which lead us to their ‘Carbon Zero Bags’. After reading about their work ethics and what is important to them – I immediately knew that their natural fibre, 100% bio degradable and eco friendly bags were the ones we had been searching for to represent Soul Stories. We were super excited!

Andddd l think you might have to press play on Gin Pineau’s heartfelt video she has put together to share this beautiful story of how the ~i dream of jeanne ~ premiere tote bag came to life… Much love, tx

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