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I recently joined up with a very inspiring and creative group on Facebook called ‘HeARTspace’ by a wonderful artist called Jeanne Bessette. I’ve only been a part of this closed group for a few days now, and already l’m so intrigued about the words of wisdom she has to offer, along the incredible support her tribe members have for each other. I’ve definitely stumbled onto a pot of gold here, thanks to my dear like-minded friend (Lousia Hamilton from Breathe Inspirational Journal) who put me in touch with one of her friends, who then mentioned this artist ~ and here l am!
We are all truly connected, helping each other step from one stone to the next ~ and the sooner we all figure that out, then the sooner our world will be even more beautiful than we will ever imagine.

Jeanne Bessette
Jeanne Bessette

Jeanne’s mission is to help artists and creatives build their lives and businesses in a way that feeds their desire to create while living an abundant life (yes this includes money). Her HeARTspace is a part of that mission. It is designed to be a safe and loving space for growth, learning and sharing of ideas.

So as l was sifting through her posts, l found an intriguing one that l have to agree 100 %. For me it sounds logic and there is no other way – but incase you need a little reminder and some ‘get up and go’ inspiration, go grab your cuppa (or vino) and feast your eyes on this wonderful read below…
Much love, lamplighter tams x

“Today I want to talk about something that comes up a lot and since I’m in the art world..I’d say it comes up more here but I’m imagining that I am wrong and that it comes up everywhere….
This seemingly tiny and harmless word can create total havoc for you and frankly those who you are envious of. It’s an energy source like any other and it will rot your heart in the end…yeah..that’s a graphic display of wording I know…
Here’s what envy really is… It’s the feeling and thoughts that someone else has something that you cannot have. Think about what you just read. It’s the thinking that you cannot have that house, that much money, that loved one, that talent. Even the slightest bit of envy is harmful.
It’s not a nice way of saying jealous… it’s the same.
Envy is caustic.
It will kill any chance that you have of creating the very life you desire and deserve. Envy says you are toast, not enough, too this or that, not enough this or that to have and live the life you want.
Here’s a turn of the dial for you. Take something you think someone has…Hey why does it seem so easy for her? Why is she selling so much art? Why does she make so much money? Fuck her…O.K. that slipped into downright mean right? But the truth is..when you are envious of another you really are saying… Fuck her.

So here’s the dial turn… ask these questions instead…
How did she get there?
What did it take to have that?
How can I do that?
How many times did she do that to achieve that skill?
How can I do that?
How much money do I really want? Like really want?
How do I do that?
What do I need to know to get there?
How can I get help with knowledge I do not currently have?
What will I need to do to achieve that?
What’s next for me?

This very attitude of curiosity has gotten me this far..I’ve never been an envious person… I’ve been a curious person… and I “chase people”. This is a tool I’ve used for years and I share with folks in my retreats… I’ve found successful people everywhere in anything I wanted to do for myself and learned from them… Still do it….
Find that person you are the slightest bit envious of when you sit and admit to yourself that it is really there (this is tough cuz we never want to admit envy). It’s a dirty word… Make a list of those folks… then ask… the new questions. Then decide what it’s going to take to have what you want and start that journey. Live your own life…learn from others who have what you want.
Not enough money? Not enough notoriety? Not enough anything? Study those who have paved the road before you… Start with mindset… You are not less than…you are not incapable of…you are uniquely qualified to live your best life.

Oprah Winfrey was not raised by her mother, she was raped by a family member and grew up being told she was ugly, she was black and dirt poor. She was told she was too ugly and black to be on television..oh and too emotional to be a reporter… Walt Disney was told he had no imagination (truth) Lucille Ball was told she was too loud and not funny… right?
The list goes on and on. Get close to the people who have something that looks appealing to you and ask them…what did it take? What did they do? How did they change their minds?
Stop the envy and start the journey. Envy is stopping you from your beautiful life on a million levels.
Rant over. Drops mic.”

~ Jeanne Besette

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