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I first discovered Gary Vaynerchuk via my close friend (& graphic designer for Soul Stories) Gin Pineau
Around the end of December 2013, after several MASSIVE upheavals in my life, she emailed me a link from the awesome & inspirational Chase Jarvis Live segment on tube. I didn’t know anything about this Gary guy other than reading the intro: Chase Jarvis welcomes author and social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuk to his Seattle studio to discuss ‘how to stand out in a noisy social world.’

Gary Vaynerchuk

From the second this interview started – l was absolutely transfixed! And let me tell you, that’s pretty incredible for me, as being an artist, l like to potter around and do 14 things at once whilst watching interviews…
Anyways, back to Gary Vee.
His enthusiasm, passion, dedication and work your ass off motivation had me hook line and sinker! I was so in awe of his extrovert charisma and his gift to articulate his words in such an intelligent and down to earth manner – not to mention the beneficial content he was giving away for free… It didn’t matter that my world (in so many aspects) seemed so far away from his – it was all relevant and made so much sense. l’m pretty sure l was so pumped that l ordered his latest book ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ immediately!

Gary Vaynerchuk

Since that moment, l have been following his movements on most of his social media platforms, watching all of his keynotes/interviews and following his impressive ‘Ask Gary Vee Show’ on utube…  No matter what business you are in (l would also go as far as saying even if you just want to be a better person!?) ~ what Gary Vaynerchuk has to offer is incredibly worth every second of your time. And we all know precious time is in this noisy world these days!

I could ramble on and on how much l love how much he stresses about humility, authenticity, transparency, focus on your strengths, delegate your weaknesses, to REALLY listen to you customers, to treat your employees EVEN BETTER than how you care for your customers, that there are no excuses, that you have the ability to create the future and opportunities that YOU want, but you always have to put the work in ~ you have to do your homework peoples!  Perseverance all the way…
If you don’t know who this incredible and inspiring soul is ~ then the time is NOW to welcome him into your world. I have no doubt you will fall in love with everything about him…
Go, go, go… much love, tx

Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk

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    • Tams says:

      Hey there Justin, thanks for your feedback. Yeah i think he’s pretty AMAZING. I always checking out his content on Utube and IG, he really has a lot to offer in every sense! Take care, tams 🙂

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