Heya punks, most of these upcoming and past events will be more detailed, scattered throughout the blog section, but we thought it would be nice to have a page dedicated to them all – just a basic run down & follow up so you have little idea of what’s going on at lightening speed.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you would like ANY kind of information regarding any events or projects that catches your eye – tams is more than happy to help out (well, as much as she can) anyone with a big heart & a special cause. She is always saying,“if you don’t ask, well then the answer is always going to be no…” So you have her green Soul Stories light to ask away.

Tams has a ton of bits n’ bobs to add to this lovely new website ~ so be sure to keep checking in, as her slow & steady pace keeps adding pieces of gold to every nook & cranny of this treasure chest.