Dharma School is Important

I just came across my friends FB page and read some words which resonated deeply in my heart:
PLEASE HELP US TO RAISE MONEY FOR OUR SCHOOL. this is where Bodhi goes to school, I think one of the most awesome schools on the planet, a place of compassion, mindfulness and where the kids really love and own, thank you, Gav x

l truly believe that a better, brighter future is made possible by becoming more aware of our hearts, our feelings and by understanding empathy & compassion… And it seems to me that this school is very much on par with the same teachings that I (& Soul Stories) feel are extremely important…

I wont be able to donate much, but as l say to many, if someone offered me $1 I definitely wouldn’t throw it in the gutter – all of the small pieces soon add up very quickly, which then turns dreams into a reality.
So share, read or donate that $1 – every tiny dot connects to another dot and WILL create that big and beautiful picture… Much love, tx

Daylesford Dharma School

Why the Dharma School is important.

Our children are our hope for the future.
We’re a 7-year-old independent school with 60 primary students and more to come. We’re ready to open our secondary school but we’ve struck a major setback. Our lease has run out and we have to build a new home for our school in a matter of months.

We have found the perfect site – a beautiful, sloping field on the edge of Wombat Hill in Daylesford. Now we need to raise the money to buy it. We can’t do it alone.We need your support to grow our school, to help us buy the land and build a new school to teach the wise and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

By giving, you provide the promise of something bigger than land, more important than just another school. By giving you are contributing to a better future for our children and the world around us.

Why Give?
If the way of the world doesn’t change here, then where?
If wisdom and compassion are not learnt now, then when?
If we can’t save our planet with loving kindness, then how?
If our children are not the hope for humanity, then who?
We’re here to make a difference.

Our children are our future. They are the hope of humanity as the challenges that face us around the world continue to escalate. These challenges call for a new kind of humanity and a new kind of leadership – one that is not based on power and will alone. But a humanity that is guided by the enduring qualities of wisdom and compassion. These are the qualities that lead to right action. One-pointed and altruistic, with the highest good as our goal.

Daylesford Dharma SchoolOver time we are seeing a new kind of child emerge at the school. One who adopts an attitude of open-heartedness. Who chooses to act from a clear sense of what is right. Who is learning to master conflict resolution. Who considers their impact on the world around them. Who is guided to seek the highest good for all.

We believe the world needs more children like this, children who will grow into adults with values and qualities than can make a true difference. Loving parents,compassionate leaders, benevolent business operators, caring workers, wise teachers, truthful politicians, true peace makers.

This is why the Daylesford Dharma School is important


2 thoughts on “Dharma School is Important

  1. Jodie says:

    Oh, how I wish there were more schools like this for our children!! What a beautifully soulful way to educate our future adults, parents & leaders 🙂 xx

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