When an old love
feels their heart
being ripped from their chest
for the first time,
breaking clean in half
& finally understands
a snippet of what your
heart & soul endured
way back when
& all you want to do
is comfort their hurt
knowing that you would
never wish that kind of
heartache on anyone…

January 7  .18


From the moment l see you
smiling back at me,
l know that we are
caught in the middle
of a bittersweet dream…
And if l was promised
I could touch you
& be with you
every time I closed my eyes
~ then I’d spend my days sleeping,
even if it meant
waking up in a
constant pool of
heartache & tears…

May 20 .17


Peaceful World

Imagine the possibilities
if every time we lost
a loved one ~ we asked ourselves

’what can I do to make the world

a happier place for someone else?’
No, it doesn’t bring them back
or speed up our heartache,
but life for another
would be slightly better
than the day that they left…

April 19 .17