Naked Truth

I was asked tonight:

Why do you post naked pictures of yourself????

My reply without batting an eyelid ~
It’s Art, it’s line, it’s love, it’s life, it’s being vulnerable in every way, it pushing boundaries, it’s beauty, it’s strength, it’s surviving eating disorders, its a dancer aware of her body, its a tool, it’s inspiration, it’s bravery, it’s being uncomfortable, it’s growth, it’s depth, it’s emotion & it’s no big deal in the bigger picture of life…

Yes, in some eyes, it’s an ass, it’s provocative, it’s sexual, its attention seeking, it’s a disgrace…

But look a little closer ~ I’m so much more than the surface of my skin, so many stories deep within… We all are, made up of so many wonders that we may be afraid to show without judgement, without care ~ wearing everything, wearing nothing…

Life is too short – so run & create as much beauty as you can in the world. Lift other souls up, inspire them, give and take and then give some more…
It’s so cliche, but no regrets – keep your heart open, connecting with others and sharing your stories along the way…

Otherwise who gives a fuc in this crazy beautiful one shot life?

Much love always, Xt

(this photo shows a naked body – yet it represents my husband unexpectedly walking out, then learning of your mum being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, in between contracts with no work, trying to support yourself with an apartment you can barely afford on your own, whilst worried that you may be deported as your living in a foreign country under a spousal visa…
I only see emotion ~ a soul, broken, beautiful, raw, standing in pool of water representing her tears of despair… )


Photography credit to the AMAZING: Klaus Kampert​ (sorry for scribbling on it)


2018 – Soul Strength Year

Hey Soul Stories spunks – fingers crossed that your New Year is off to a flying start similar to mine? So much personal & professional growth already! WOW ~ let’s hope it’s a great indication of how the rest of the year will pan out? 😉

First up, l will start with my humble apologise for my lack of newsletters last year. Whoops, l think there was a total of two? Time most certainly flys when you’re having fun & working your ass off!

I mainy wanted to write this newsletter to hold myself accountable & not chicken out about a grand adventure coming up soon. I will leave this story for now, a little teaser, & fill you in on the rest right before l sign off… Promise.

Wow, soooooo much stuff to share – so l’m just going to pick out a few bits & pieces & try & be a little more disciplined with my story/newsletter sharing this down the track.

Most of you have been watching me explore with Oils lately – & l’ve been LOVING the process. I really feel that l’m pushing Soul Stories to new levels with this medium & would love to spend even more time in this direction. Hmmm, if only there was another me to help me out with my other ‘things to do’ on my never ending ‘to do’ list? (like everyone really)All in good time my friends… Definitely watch this space.

A mega THANK YOU to all of my followers who keep sending in wonderful photos with their SS creations & heartfelt stories to go with them. So much fun adding them all to the ‘Around the World’ Gallery section on the website. By all means, if l’ve missed adding anyones, please let me know!? I’m still constantly sending out little gifts to four or five lucky dip photos sent in each month!!
My favourite Calendar participants are setting new boundaries in regards to the ‘fun days’ & are in serious competition with their buddies which has me in fits of giggles whenever l cach their posts. Check out their ‘Wonder Women Day’ below – simply gold!

If you haven’t seen Wellbeing Magazines fab giveaway for five ‘i dream of jeanne’ series 3 totes – be sure to run over to their Facebook page ASAP for your chance to win one, as l’m sure their competion closes soon.
All you have to do is tag your Soul Friend, pretty easy hey!?

I’m not far from being finished creating a special ‘Nourish’ series for a beautiful & healthy cafe in Eden, NSW, called ‘Sprout Eden’. Owner Karen Lott & l have been discussing special SS ideas for quite some time now, suited to her business integrities which of course goes hand in hand with Soul Stories. l’m about 3/4’s finished the original series & if all goes well, there may even be a few prints for sale in her inspiring space!

A mega shout out to Linden New Art Gallery & their awesome Post Card Show… I’ve been lucky enough to sell two original pieces of four (the max that you can enter) & really need to go & visit before the show closes on February 23rd, 2018. This is the 4th time l’ve entered their show & each time it has been extrememly rewarding for me. Not only for selling some of my creations, but for the great exposure & wonderful souls l’ve met along the way.

Ok this is getting a bit long now, so a massive thank you to all of the small independant businesses out there that support Soul Stories. Whether it’s for wholesale or consignment ~ by taking on 6 gift cards, or 60, along with prints, wall hangings, jeanne totes, calendars & original pieces!?
You all mean the ABSOLUTE FREAKING WORLD to me! Thank you so much. Everyone & every tiny bit helps me to continue doing what l love with all of my heart.
To help, heal and inspire ~ as many souls as l possibly can…

Time for the ‘grand finale’ news.
Towards the end of May, l’m heading to the West Coast of USA to try & break into the market. Eek!??! I probably should start by saying that:


Anyways, Im planning to set up shop with a USA printer who will take care of all SS printing & distribution once l find the right places & spaces who are willing to give Soul Stories a shot.
I have three months over there to:
a. Make a dent in the USA market
b. Start to solidify material for SS first book (there will be a ‘dream’ series of several down the track ~ a collection of stories & illustrations).
c. And of course, to catch up with beautiful friends and create some stories along the way.
First stop will be L.A then down to San Diego & work my way up along the coast. If anyone would like to shout out ANY places that might be interesting for me to approach (regarding Wholesale for Soul Stories) then l’m all ears!

There ~  it’s finally OUT!
I’m kinda excitedly freaking out, as without me in Australia, Soul Stories will kinda sorta come to a grinding hault? I will be sure to do lots of advertising before l leave for everyone to stock up, hehe… Right now, it’s time to triple down, do some homework & save my butt off!

Over & out rockstars, that’s all she wrote for tonight & super excited for what’s to come…
In the meantime, keep on being brave, believing in yourself & sharing your incredible stories. 2018 is a strength year – for truly believing in your self-worth, letting the chatter of self-doubt fall behind & realizing that your time will come ~ from all of the hard work, patience & perseverance that you’ve put into your daily passions…

Much love, xt

P.s Catch y’all at the Seven Sister Festival soon, March 2nd-4th @ Mt. Martha… So many lovely people have been telling me how well suited Soul Stories would be for this inspiring event – so it’s time to prep, go play & find out for myself…

Pps. Oh & remember, its privilege for the listener when you have the courage to open up & share your stories ~ so keep on sharing! 



Tams Travels…
Fav albums this month: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, Beautiful Trauma ~ Pink and Full Hearts & Empty Rooms ~ Emma Lousie
Currently Reading: Twyla Tharp ~ The Creative Habit &
Paul Samuel Dolman ~ Hitchhiking with Larry David

Movie Inspiration: The Shape of WaterThe Greatest Showman​

Fav cafe/boutique: The Pickle Pot & The Foxes Den

Do yourself a favour: Book a session @ Beyond Rest in Prahran 
(l’ve yet to try, but sooooo on my to do ASAP)

Pay It Forward Moment: Stopping to help a struggling lady load her giant mirrow into her car.

New Places Visited: Mallacoota & Dawes Point

New Places Planning to Visit for Soul Stories: Torquay, Warnambool ​& Sydney

Live Event Coming Up: Augie March @ The Velvet Room, Thornbury

Current Mood: Strong, heart work on remembering self WORTH…


scatter your SOUL & share your STORIES…

Daily Soul Stories

Wishing you were someone else
is just a beautoful waste
of the incredibke soul
that you truly are…
© January 14 .18

Beautiful Waste

Pocket Sized Pieces of Wisdom


Just a few meandering thoughs whilst roadtripping from Eden back to my little home town ~ with the windows wound down, sun kissing my forehead, wind in my hair and music saturating my soul…
Its always during these golden moments that stories seem to want to pour out from every opening of my creative body – and l do my best to lightly flit around on the tips of my toes, trying to catch as many as l can with my dream catcher net & fairy jars – yes, just like the ones that the BFG uses…
Wishing you all an exceptional New Year. Year of the loyal Earth Dog.
With all of my heart, make it the BEST one by far!

Play hard, love deeply, travel far.
Grab you life with 2 hands
& shake the shit out of it.
Give yourself completely
& pour cups of tea for others
~ & then spend the same
amount of quiet time
sipping on your own…

Move your body
& make things with your hands,
push creative boundaries,
triple down on your strengths
& be brave enough
to be
honest & vulnerable
by sharing your stories…

Be humble,
be elegant,
discovery your unique ways
to be beautiful inside out
& back to front

Live with integrity,
believe in quality,
keep trying every day
to be the best version
of yourself…

Be spontaneous,
jump on a plane,
run around naked somewhere
& say yes to new adventures
which probably freaks you out
a little (or a lot) ~
but they remind your heart
that you’re alive!

Constantly put yourself
in other peoples shoes,
be kind to others
& remember to be
even kinder to yourself.
You are so much more than
just a reflection in the mirror
staring back at you.

Breathe blood,
sweat tears,
work your ass off for things
that truly matter.
No one else
should be your voice
& tell you which things in life
are important, nor matter.
So find you feet,
figure out what’s important
to you & go do that!

Keep fear seated
at the back of your bus,
never the driver.
And for fuc’s sake,
do not live ur life
as if you were
an untouched couch covered in plastic?!


And this years epic learning curve
is to wish myself
& for all others
to constantly check in
& ask oneself ~
Does this Soul
add value to my life?
If Yes – Fling your arms wide open,
give unlimited time,
connect with curiosity
& be excited to share…
But if it’s No?
Then its a beautiful smile
& a polite side step to the left.
Wish them well, wave them goodbye
& carry on giving to others
& soaring to high places
that your working towards
& dreaming to be… © January 9 .18

‘Pocket Sized Pieces of Wisdom’




Photo Credit: Unknown – Pinterest


The Sketchbook Project

Wow what a great stumble to find out about this little gem – this ‘Sketchbook Project’ is such a brilliant project which was brought to life via crowdfunding in 2006!! It’s known to date as the biggest sketchbook library in the world, based in New York City – holding over 36,000 sketchbooks within its space!
I’ve just signed up to add a little Soul Stories love to their collection, yayyy. Will have to keep y’all posted. Watch this space indeed! xt

The Sketchbook Project is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects.

General Information
It’s like a road trip, but with sketchbooks, and anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the project.

Every sketchbook contributed to the Project will be included in the traveling library and exhibited in cities and towns across the continent. We are including more cities at every opportunity with our custom-fitted Mobile Library trailer. Cities include Brooklyn, Toronto, Chicago, Portland, Austin, Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area and many more.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be shared for the world to see.

Have a Sketchbook Project question? Ask our support guru here:


How to get on board:

Sign up, receive a blank sketchbook, fill it up and submit it to the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. Your book will become part of Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection and will travel as part of our nationwide art exhibitions!

Submit your work to the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. Where it will reside in Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection, travel to exhibitions across the country and become part of a massive worldwide community of creative people.

Anyone – from anywhere in the world – can be a part of the project. To participate and receive a sketchbook which will become part of Brooklyn Art Library and our traveling exhibitions, so sign up today.

Beautiful Pieces – 4 years…

On top of the hill by the water – nothing but the best for you mum…We love you and miss you with all of our hearts – 4 years still feels like yesterday and probably always will. Xxxxx t ??❤️??


Your goodbye day
will always be
that heartbreakingly
hard day ~ where
everything else
fades away
& all that remains
is your smile,
your kindness,
your love
& all the beautiful
pieces that we
remember about you… © June 18 .17

‘Beautiful Pieces’



Life is too short to wait…

Today a very beautiful friend of mine had an awful car accident. The car is gone, but thankfully, she is not. The last l heard she was having some scans run in hospital – but fingers crossed all is ok.
Ive just read another girlfriends post where she saw a homeless man with positive energy – she assumed he might be homeless, only because he had bags strapped to his wheelchair. She left $20 at the counter and said whatever he wants ‘this’ is his. The next evening she was told that he was hit and killed not 5 hrs later crossing the street as someone was trying to run the light and he couldn’t cross fast enough.

These are the stories that keep me pushing boundaries and living as if my life could end in the blink of an eye – because it can…
We all know it, seen it and have felt it…

So what are YOU waiting for? Are you living the life that you want? Are you planting seeds and taking micro steps towards an open heart and an authentic life? Are you being honest to yourself and others that are dear to you?
Yes, its such a fine line, to stop and smell the flowers along the side of the road along with hard work that you are passionate for or curious about. Its just a matter of checking in each day.
If you are living the life that your soul truly desires, then hard work every day is merely a privilege, a joy, an incredible process that enriches your life and many others…

Life is WAY too short to wait for anything or anyone – take your own hand and don’t even wait for tomorrow, please, with all of my heart, start right now!
Much love and light always, tx

Bubbling Energy ~ 2017

Hey wonderful souls out there – l truly hope that your year has kicked off to being as amazing as mine!?!? I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but l feel super energised and so many planted seeds seem to have sprouted in places l had forgotten l had sewn…

I was lucky enough to have traveled up to Noosa during January holiday period – bags packed to the brim, on a mission to find some beautiful new spaces and places for Soul Stories.
Im still feeling so much gratitude towards my amazing hosts, along with stealing their troopie to get around form A. to B.!!!
WOW, l certainly traveled some kilometres whilst l was there, so lets just say l’ve taken on the title as ‘professional truck driver’ now ~ but parking remains questionable!?

Soul Stories can now be found in a handful of gorgeous boutiques and wellbeing spaces along the Sunshine Coast, mostly on consignment trial, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? (all can be found listed in FAQ on website)

I’m a little bit sad to sad that ~ l dream of jeanne ~ series two is coming to an end. Only about 12 bags of 500 remaining from this limited edition. But on the other hand, lm SUPER excited to say that ~ i dream of jeanne ~ series three is currently under way. The sketch is all complete (the hard part) and moving onto the good stuff by the end of this week.

So lm writing today to let you all know FIRST, that l will be offering a presale discount on the first 60 ~ i dream of jeanne ~ series three bag from TODAY onwards!
They can be ordered online ‘here‘ at the promotion price of $25 each, or you can message me directly.
Pretty please don’t miss out on this pre sale discount – as l can tell you now that many gorgeous peeps did for premiere 2017 Calendars. The whole point of this newsletter is so you guys get all the goss first, right?

Fingers crossed that the new eco friendly totes should be ready by the end of April, so will definitely keep you posted on production movements down the track. Tons more to tell, but will leave it there for now, and try and get another juicy newsletter out soon!
Thanks to everyone an being part of my amazing Soul Stories journey – there wouldn’t be any stories without you all, and that my friends is the truest story by far…
Much love and light, tx




Favourite albums this month: Sia, This is Acting & Sara Bareilles, What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress.

Currently reading: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O ~ Shel Silverstein & still Big Magic ~ Elizabeth Gilbert.

Dare yourself: To start a class you have always dreamed of…

Utube inspiration: Thought of You ~  by Ryan Woodward, I’ll be Good ~ James Young.

Favourite cafe/boutique: The Rivermouth General Store , CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods
Hearts and Minds Art.

Do yourself a favour: Go dance in the rain ~ and l really mean it!

Pay it forwards moment: Teach a child something you wish you knew at that age.

New places visited: Noosa, Montville, Peregian Beach, Mooloolaba.

Live event coming up: Guest speaker at Dawson’s Retreat.

Current mood: Running on no sleep but inspired to the bone!


Daily Soul Stories

How do we move
together ~ when we
are simply
worlds apart?
© January 24 .17

Move Together

One foot in front of the other…

So where to even begin!?

Something tells me that l shouldn’t leave it so long in-between each newsletter, because sooooo much seems to happen!?
I had every intention of writing about all of the things, events and small goals Soul Stories has achieved over these last few months, but l figured we would all be here for quite some time…
Instead l’m going to ask you what l asked at the beginning of my adults dance class a few days ago, “What is ‘one’ thing in your life right now that you don’t like or would dream of changing? Something that might get you down and wish was somehow different?”
When l gently asked them to think about it, l felt a sense of sadness, dis-ease ~ maybe even hint of hopelessness… Then right at the end of an empowering, upbeat & sweaty class (not to mention feeling super proud of their achievements over 4 weeks) ~ l reminded them about that ‘one’ thing they weren’t happy with and then sternly asked them, “So what are YOU going to do about it? What are the steps that YOU are going to take to create change about this one thing that takes your smile away? YOU are in charge of your life & YOU get to decide how to live it every day! Life is way too short, so keep trying to find your happy in everything that you do. YOU are more capable than you realise ~ so keep this feeling right now and don’t be afraid to try everything to better your one shot life!
Heads were held high and energies had shifted to strength…
l felt their souls strong, proud ~ and l’m sure they realised that what they had achieved in 4 dance classes was merely a snippet of what they could carry with them outside the studio and apply to their lives…
There is no excuse. We must keep striving to be the best version of ourself – keep working hard, pushing fears out of comfort zones and challenging our lives in every way. It’s so important to really live life whilst we are alive, doing things that gets you blood pumping and heart beating faster. Keep striving to find passion within your soul ~ not just going through the same motions day in, day out. We all know that’s not fun or happiness, nor living at all…

Sooooo, moving right a long,  just a quick mention to say how grateful l am to have restocked some cards/prints to existing boutiques and even more excited to add some brand new places to the website.
Sprout Eden ~ Eden (new)
Pambula Wholefoods ~ Pambula (new)
Secret Spell ~ Merimbula (coming soon, new)
Earth Song Wellness Centre ~ Cooma (new)
Feather & Twine ~ Healesville
Dyoligy ~ Traralgon

Check out some upcoming Events & Fundraisers Soul Stories has jumped onboard with:
Beyond Blue – Charity Auction Night
Little Lion Hearts Online Auction Fundraiser
Comedy 4 Karma – Fundraising for Daylesford Dharma School
World Vegan Day 2016 ~ Melbourne
Heyfield Food & Wine Festival
Save A Cow ~ Sponsorship SAC Australia
You can keep up to date on these kinda events by clicking HERE

Warm Fuzzies that lm a little bit chuffed about:
Be sure to check out Soul Stories premiere Calendar for next year!
Last day to snap up the pre-sale ‘discount’ ~ ends October 1st!
Much love and gratitude to all those who have already grabbed one or two or five or 15!!?? WOW!
And a mega thanks to the incredible Belinda Strong (my dear friend & talented illustrator/graphic designer) who patiently worked by my side to bring this beautiful project to life.

And if you have never heard of IndieLove Magazine – then take a sneaky peek of issue #3 as Soul Stories gets a two page mention.  A local online & print Magazine ~ showcasing independent authors, musicians, artists, film/actorsactors & travel etc… An up and coming magazine that will definitely inspire you to get your creative pants on.

Last big of goss, we still have about 55 limited edition & eco friendly
~ i dream of jeanne ~ tote bags remaining (series 2) and 24 limited edition & eco friendly Mindful Mats up for grabs.
Beautiful ideas for christmas gifts, not only for others but for YOURSELF too!

All of my big love and gratitude to my wonderful supporters – l honestly can not say it enough. Thank you so much to help me step a little closer to my dreams of living off what l love to do most of all ~ to help, heal and inspire…
Much love & laughter, xt




Fav albums this month: Birds of Tokyo ~ Birds of Tokyo, Lemonade ~ Beyonce
and Wilder Mind ~ Mumford & Sons

Currently reading: Big Magic ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Open Randomly ~ Ally Hamilton
and For One More Day ~ Mitch Albom

U Tube Inspiration: Gary Vaynerchuk & Shots of Awe ~ Jason Silva

Fav cafe/boutique: Sprout Eden & The Nutrition Pod

Do yourself a favour: Book an infrared sauna session

Pay It Forward Moment: Leaving pieces of Soul Stories art in random places that l have
travelled to this month…

New Places Visited: Cooma & Kalaru, N.S.W

Live Event Coming Up: Kinky Boots

Current Mood: Open heart, open to possibilities…


Daily Soul Stories

The time will come
when you find
softness & beauty
in the hurt
they left behind…
© August 2 .16

Today’s the Day…

August 11th 2016 ~ Today I’ve realized 2 things I’m very proud of…

In almost 3 years I’ve only bought one piece of clothing (minus underwear) until a few days ago ~ focusing on feeding every penny back into my Soul Stories vision…
So the second piece of clothing I’ve purchased happens to be my first ever pair of sports skins (thanks for your amazing help @lululemonausnz in Chadston).Today's the Day
Kinda hard to believe considering all of the dance, yoga & training l’ve taken part of during the last 30 odd years. Overcoming a huge hurdle & pushing through fears of not feeling good in tight pants/leggin’s… We all have ‘our stuff’ and body image has been an ongoing struggle in my world. For some reason or another l’ve alway been super self conscious in fitted clothes, hugging me in what I consider the wrong places…

Anyways – today is one of those days where I’m stepping up and practicing what l preach to all of you amazing souls out there.
Be brave and believe ~ you are enough!!!
Because you are all freaking AMAZING – me included… ☺️??❤️?? 

much love and light always xxx t

Beautiful Souls, Amazing Stories…

Little Heads Up…

Just wanted to let everyone know that you have ALL of tomorrow and the next day to purchase ANYTHING online to the value of $35. Why you ask?
So that you will be placed in the draw to WIN one of Soul Stories brand NEW Mindful Mats!!! There are less than 40 people in the competition so far, so odds are pretty awesome… Eco friendly and a limited edition of 100, once they are sold (like the ~ i dream of jeanne ~ tote bags) they will never be repeated.
Drawn at the end of the night on JULY 1st.

I will try to be short and sweet, but the last few months have been absolutely AMAZING for Soul Stories, so much to tell. I have so many amazing people to thank, especially to my wonderful tribe who continue to support me in so many incredible ways.

My premiere Mind, Body & Spirit Festival was an absolute success! I was super prepared with an amazing set up, met so many wonderful & inspiring souls and even covered my stall fees & extra expenses. That’s what l was affirming during the lead up to the event & that’s exactly what the world gave back to me…
A BIG thanks to all of my friends, new Soul Stories punks and to the couple of celebrities who swung buy to keep me smiling and energised.
I’ve posted a few photos below for anyone that didn’t get a chance to pop down and say hello.

Be sure to keep sending in your fab SS photos so l can add them to the ‘Around the World’ Gallery, and to be in the monthly running to win some gift cards. Love, love, love ALL of your photos! Ive had so many this month, that have literally been sent in from around the world – WOW.

We have very exciting news that Soul Stories has been accepted into an inspiring wellness boutique called Soul Soothings, based in NY, USA. Yes, that’s right, USA!!!
Owner Kathy Izzard Chism has carefully selected a wonderful collection of SS prints to be a part of her magical space.
You can always keep up to date where you can find Soul Stories (in the real) by clicking onto the websites contact page, and scrolling down to:
Where can l find Soul Stories?

I have the most beautiful story to share, one of ‘my’ personal Soul Stories that happened not so long ago called: A Heart like Grandma’s.
It’s a heartfelt read which wont take very long, so go grab yourself a cuppa and take a sneaky peek.

A handful of gorgeous stores/boutiques have requested a larger range of gift cards which l’ve had to pinch myself about, so thank you SO much to New LeavesArt & Soul Living & Massage Healing Centre. Fingers crossed that there might be another boutique to add to my list after tomorrows meeting in HEALSVILLE!? Watch this space punks.

Lastly a special thanks to Robyn Sell, for including Soul Stories in her personal ‘heartbreaking’ story at the Australian Health Promotion Conference in Perth. I was extremely humbled and touched when she called me up to ask for my permission. Of all the stories she wanted to use, she chose the story called ‘Still Here’ ~ which has a very deep meaning to my heart also… Thank you so much sweet soul. xx
Heres a short video (by Gin Pineau) on the finishing touches of ‘Still Here’ being created.

Ok , need to wrap it up – be sure to keep checking the ‘Events’ section on the website to see what adventures, fundraisers and events Soul Stories is up too. More often than not, there is always something going on! l can’t help myself ~ l always love to jump onboard and collaborate with anyone in need or with a fire in their belly. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any possibilities. The answer will always be NO unless you ask…

Much love and light to everyone out there. Rug up tonight, and please, please please, keep sharing your incredible stories…
tams xx


1. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ A beautiful blank canvas to decorate with SS colours…
2. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ My awesome brother Danny building my shelves… xo
3. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Partner in SS crime, Gin. My #1 helper with EVERYTHING!


4. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ My lovely friend who has a heart like Grandmas. Catch the full story here…
5. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Finally met talented singer Nina Feero (recognise her from The Voice?).
6. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Sharing a beautiful moment with a little boy who LOVED SS creatures…


7. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Beautiful support from friends since High School days… x
8. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Just because l can & like to laugh! (Such a show off!!)
9. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ More amazing support from gorgeous dance partners…


9. New Leaves ~ One of the most beautiful bookstores l’ve ever seen in Australia (Woodend, VIC).
10. Art & Soul Living ~ Inspiring boutique with unique & warm reception – you will never want to leave!
11. Soul Soothings ~ New home for SS. Holistic consultations ~ complimented by a wellness boutique. USA


12. Gorgeous photo from Koren (from The Nutrition Pod) of her daughter stealing her new Mindful Mat…
13. Gippsland Womens Health ~ Extremely touched by Robyn sharing her story at Australian Health Promotion Conference in Perth ~ with Soul Stories.
14. So many heart warming photos being sent in to Soul Stories  ‘Around the World’ Gallery


15. Around the World ~ Beautiful friends l have yet to meet in the real – so much love & support from Canada. Be sure to chek out Naomi’s Artwork too!
16. Tailor Made Soul Stories ~ A very special Soul Stories for a beautiful family dear to my heart… xxx
17. SS Mindful Mat ~ One of my talented dancer friends living in Austria (director of European Dance tours). Proudly using her inspiring SS Mat for her Pilates classes.


18. Around the World ~ I have the most amazing friends & followers that send me their wonderful SS creations – yes  please, to help, heal & inspire, that’s all l dream of… Thanks Zina
19. Around the World ~ All the way from France with their Jeanne Bag for their very special bundle of joy. Awww Daddy Sebastian looks super happy!
20. SS Mindful Mat ~ I hope lm 1/2 as amazing as this lady at her age. Love everything about this photo!


Daily Soul Stories

I had been given
one wish ~
& all l knew
is that l wanted
to give it to you…
© April 11 .14

One Wish

A Heart like Grandmas

This is going to one of those beautiful yet a little bit heartbreaking stories – one of my personal Soul Stories with no great meaning other than l simply want to share it with you all…

A few weeks ago, towards the end of my day at the Victorian Art Centre Market, l noticed a lovely elderly lady on her own, taking time to read some of my gift cards. I pretended l was busy, sketching away in my own little world, but l was secretly watching her read each story very carefully…  Finally l wandered over and asked her if she needed any help? When she looked up from reading, there was something about her big round watery eyes that reminded me of my Grandma.

With her gentle glance, it was as though she had the ability to stare straight into my heart and read all of my secret stories within seconds… With a kind voice and similar accent to my German Grandma, she said something like, “Oh, dear girl, you are very beautiful inside, so kind to have all of these feelings and stories. You have a good soul, just beautiful – you feel so much…”

I was lost for words. l just stood there staring at her, struggling to find my voice and when l did, my eyes were glassy, heart  full of emotion and all l could manage to squeak out was, “Thank you, you’re going to make me cry…”

A Heart like GrandmasWe exchanged a few more words and then she told me that she would love to buy a framed Soul Stories piece but she was walking and wouldn’t be able to carry it. With trembling words, she also explained that she had lost her ‘cheri’ 6 weeks ago and struggled to fill her days with different things to do…

By that stage l was feeling like someone had reached into my chest, scooped out my heart and just tossed it away. So l ran over to my ~l dream of jeanne~ bag and pulled out an envelope and said to her, “How would you like come to the ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’ next weekend? This ticket will get you in for free!” Her eyes lit up immediately and she couldn’t stop thanking me over and over again.

“Now l have something to do for the next weekend and l don’t have to think about it, thank you, thank you. And thank you for this free ticket, because l went to the Italian Food and Wine Festival a few weeks ago, and when l got to the door they told me that a ticket costs $75 and well, l don’t have that money, so l had to walk away… So thank you so very much for this…” In truth it sounded more like ‘Sank you, sank you’ with the adorable German accent… just like my Grandma’s.

There were so many more heartwarming pieces to our conversation, but from the snippets l have retold, it’s easy to understand her beautiful soul. By the end of her stories, she promised to find me again and waved goodbye with a huge smile on her face ~ whereas l had to reach for my sunglasses to hide my teary eyes and heartache…

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t even know her name – yet l kept returning to this moment, this random meeting and replaying her stories in my mind. I just felt for her so much and tried to imagine what life would be like for her now.

For so many years she had been doing everything with someone else, every single day and that’s all she knew. Now, at 70 years or so, she had to relearn who she was and really work hard to create little things for herself to do each day, just to fill in time that felt forever without him…

A Heart like Grandma'sBy the time ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’ rolled around, l was flat out, stressed out and pretty much freaking out! I had thought about her prior to installing, wondering if she would have the courage to come by. But because it was my premiere event and was fully concentrated of being present in each moment, I had forgotten about her until l heard a familiar voice (again like my Grandma) say, “Oh, there you are…” 

I looked up to see big watery eyes staring back at me, filled with love and so much gratitude. “I almost didn’t find you,” she said with relief, “lve been looking and looking and almost gave up, and now l am so happy to find you…”  

Ahhh, l was so thrilled that she had found her way to the Festival! l learnt that she had a wonderful day, not to mention the odd 20 more ‘sank yous’ l received

After she told all of my customers how amazing l was (yes l was bright red by this stage and seriously embarrassed), she then told me that she HAD to buy something! I tried to argue with her, but she wasn’t having any of it. So l told her that she couldn’t buy anything unless we had a photo together!!!!

She tried to argue with me, but no chance – as you can see, l won!! 

I experienced so many wonderful moments during the ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’, but this particular moment was golden and l will always hold this story close to my heart. Shame on me, l still don’t know this beautiful lady’s name, but l do know that she will never be forgotten. Thank you beautiful lady with a heart like my Grandmas, thank you for sharing your heartbreakingly beautiful story with me and for allowing me to fill your weekend with a little extra light and joy. I hope you are finding new and wonderful things to do ~  and that each day passes a little easier and a little richer with stories like these… xxt

Dreamy Eisteddfod Days…

Since returning to Oz, lve been slowing building up my resume of adjudicating at different dance competitions ~ and l’ve just completed my longest Eisteddfod ever, 8 days in a row! I knew before hand that it was going to be quite an intense week, requiring my full attention 24/7, and rather mentally challenging – but what l totally wasn’t prepared for was the emotional side, heartstrings being tugged on and many fond memories rising to the surface…

Dreamy Eisteddfod Days...Towards the end of a incredible inspiring week of watching wonderful dancers and hanging out with the friendly committee ~ I was also unconsciously taking in the the tiny moments caught between mother and daughter(s)…

After everything had come to a beautiful closing, it wasn’t until l returned home and woke up the next morning that memories exploded through my body and tears trickled down my face…

How lucky these girls and boys were to have such incredible parents to spend so much time, energy and love on them during these early and sometimes very long days… Which of course brought my thoughts back to mum…

Dreamy Eisteddfod Days...My sister and l used to spend EVERY school holidays at different Eisteddfods. Mum would carefully make all of our beautiful costume, which was super boring to try on 50 times to get it right. Always doing our hair and makeup until we were old enough to figure it out ourselves. I was often nervous and wanting a LONG time to warm up, so we would arrive at the theatre WAY earlier than was probably necessary… And then she would sit there and watch us get ready, loving every second of it before wandering out into the auditorium and watch her girls perform like a proud mama goose.

She was never a ballet mum, she had no idea what was right and wrong, other than her girls were happy when they were dancing and they looked beautiful on stage…

We all had so much crazy fun back then… Dreamy Eisteddfod Days...
Spending time with my wonderful ballet teacher Miss Sue, hanging with fellow friends & other dancers ~ especially the ones you idolised!! Winning a place was so important back then – and now all l can think of is that l hoped l showed mum enough gratitude and love for all that she did for us?
Did l? Did we?
I hope so…
These memories are like gold dust, sprinkled throughout my soul. I wish l could have passed on more knowledge to the dancers in this respect, but l’m sure l would have ended up a blubbering mess, so maybe some of them can read my heartfelt words instead.

Take time to spend with your mum or dad during these very special moments & be patient with them as they are with you. They love you and care for you deeply and just want to see you happy. Yes there are moments were you roll your eyes because you are embarrassed how proud they are at times – but it doesn’t matter, one day your will be 50 years old and they will still act exactly the same. Just relax & roll with it. Give them a big hug every now and then & tell them that you love them & are super grateful for all that they do…

Memories are such a funny thing…
I hope l thanked mum enough back then, for all that she did for us? If l didn’t then l’m saying it out loud a million times over & praying that she will still hear me from the clouds above…

Dancers out there, these Eisteddfod are absolutely precious – it’s not about the winning a place or not, but about the in-between moments, the breath between the hard choreography, thats where the real magic lays… These moments are the most priceless stories you will ever create & will shape you into the best person you can be ~ so please pause and remember to simply say thanks so much mum/dad…
One day, l’m sure you will be thanking me for this gentle reminder.

Much love & light, tx

Dreamy Eisteddfod Days...    Dreamy Eisteddfod Days... Dreamy Eisteddfod Days...