Bubbling Energy ~ 2017

Hey wonderful souls out there – l truly hope that your year has kicked off to being as amazing as mine!?!? I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but l feel super energised and so many planted seeds seem to have sprouted in places l had forgotten l had sewn…

I was lucky enough to have traveled up to Noosa during January holiday period – bags packed to the brim, on a mission to find some beautiful new spaces and places for Soul Stories.
Im still feeling so much gratitude towards my amazing hosts, along with stealing their troopie to get around form A. to B.!!!
WOW, l certainly traveled some kilometres whilst l was there, so lets just say l’ve taken on the title as ‘professional truck driver’ now ~ but parking remains questionable!?

Soul Stories can now be found in a handful of gorgeous boutiques and wellbeing spaces along the Sunshine Coast, mostly on consignment trial, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? (all can be found listed in FAQ on website)

I’m a little bit sad to sad that ~ l dream of jeanne ~ series two is coming to an end. Only about 12 bags of 500 remaining from this limited edition. But on the other hand, lm SUPER excited to say that ~ i dream of jeanne ~ series three is currently under way. The sketch is all complete (the hard part) and moving onto the good stuff by the end of this week.

So lm writing today to let you all know FIRST, that l will be offering a presale discount on the first 60 ~ i dream of jeanne ~ series three bag from TODAY onwards!
They can be ordered online ‘here‘ at the promotion price of $25 each, or you can message me directly.
Pretty please don’t miss out on this pre sale discount – as l can tell you now that many gorgeous peeps did for premiere 2017 Calendars. The whole point of this newsletter is so you guys get all the goss first, right?

Fingers crossed that the new eco friendly totes should be ready by the end of April, so will definitely keep you posted on production movements down the track. Tons more to tell, but will leave it there for now, and try and get another juicy newsletter out soon!
Thanks to everyone an being part of my amazing Soul Stories journey – there wouldn’t be any stories without you all, and that my friends is the truest story by far…
Much love and light, tx




Favourite albums this month: Sia, This is Acting & Sara Bareilles, What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress.

Currently reading: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O ~ Shel Silverstein & still Big Magic ~ Elizabeth Gilbert.

Dare yourself: To start a class you have always dreamed of…

Utube inspiration: Thought of You ~  by Ryan Woodward, I’ll be Good ~ James Young.

Favourite cafe/boutique: The Rivermouth General Store , CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods
Hearts and Minds Art.

Do yourself a favour: Go dance in the rain ~ and l really mean it!

Pay it forwards moment: Teach a child something you wish you knew at that age.

New places visited: Noosa, Montville, Peregian Beach, Mooloolaba.

Live event coming up: Guest speaker at Dawson’s Retreat.

Current mood: Running on no sleep but inspired to the bone!


Daily Soul Stories

How do we move
together ~ when we
are simply
worlds apart?
© January 24 .17

Move Together

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