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Just wanted to let everyone know that you have ALL of tomorrow and the next day to purchase ANYTHING online to the value of $35. Why you ask?
So that you will be placed in the draw to WIN one of Soul Stories brand NEW Mindful Mats!!! There are less than 40 people in the competition so far, so odds are pretty awesome… Eco friendly and a limited edition of 100, once they are sold (like the ~ i dream of jeanne ~ tote bags) they will never be repeated.
Drawn at the end of the night on JULY 1st.

I will try to be short and sweet, but the last few months have been absolutely AMAZING for Soul Stories, so much to tell. I have so many amazing people to thank, especially to my wonderful tribe who continue to support me in so many incredible ways.

My premiere Mind, Body & Spirit Festival was an absolute success! I was super prepared with an amazing set up, met so many wonderful & inspiring souls and even covered my stall fees & extra expenses. That’s what l was affirming during the lead up to the event & that’s exactly what the world gave back to me…
A BIG thanks to all of my friends, new Soul Stories punks and to the couple of celebrities who swung buy to keep me smiling and energised.
I’ve posted a few photos below for anyone that didn’t get a chance to pop down and say hello.

Be sure to keep sending in your fab SS photos so l can add them to the ‘Around the World’ Gallery, and to be in the monthly running to win some gift cards. Love, love, love ALL of your photos! Ive had so many this month, that have literally been sent in from around the world – WOW.

We have very exciting news that Soul Stories has been accepted into an inspiring wellness boutique called Soul Soothings, based in NY, USA. Yes, that’s right, USA!!!
Owner Kathy Izzard Chism has carefully selected a wonderful collection of SS prints to be a part of her magical space.
You can always keep up to date where you can find Soul Stories (in the real) by clicking onto the websites contact page, and scrolling down to:
Where can l find Soul Stories?

I have the most beautiful story to share, one of ‘my’ personal Soul Stories that happened not so long ago called: A Heart like Grandma’s.
It’s a heartfelt read which wont take very long, so go grab yourself a cuppa and take a sneaky peek.

A handful of gorgeous stores/boutiques have requested a larger range of gift cards which l’ve had to pinch myself about, so thank you SO much to New LeavesArt & Soul Living & Massage Healing Centre. Fingers crossed that there might be another boutique to add to my list after tomorrows meeting in HEALSVILLE!? Watch this space punks.

Lastly a special thanks to Robyn Sell, for including Soul Stories in her personal ‘heartbreaking’ story at the Australian Health Promotion Conference in Perth. I was extremely humbled and touched when she called me up to ask for my permission. Of all the stories she wanted to use, she chose the story called ‘Still Here’ ~ which has a very deep meaning to my heart also… Thank you so much sweet soul. xx
Heres a short video (by Gin Pineau) on the finishing touches of ‘Still Here’ being created.

Ok , need to wrap it up – be sure to keep checking the ‘Events’ section on the website to see what adventures, fundraisers and events Soul Stories is up too. More often than not, there is always something going on! l can’t help myself ~ l always love to jump onboard and collaborate with anyone in need or with a fire in their belly. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any possibilities. The answer will always be NO unless you ask…

Much love and light to everyone out there. Rug up tonight, and please, please please, keep sharing your incredible stories…
tams xx


1. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ A beautiful blank canvas to decorate with SS colours…
2. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ My awesome brother Danny building my shelves… xo
3. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Partner in SS crime, Gin. My #1 helper with EVERYTHING!


4. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ My lovely friend who has a heart like Grandmas. Catch the full story here…
5. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Finally met talented singer Nina Feero (recognise her from The Voice?).
6. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Sharing a beautiful moment with a little boy who LOVED SS creatures…


7. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Beautiful support from friends since High School days… x
8. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ Just because l can & like to laugh! (Such a show off!!)
9. Mind Body Spirit Festival ~ More amazing support from gorgeous dance partners…


9. New Leaves ~ One of the most beautiful bookstores l’ve ever seen in Australia (Woodend, VIC).
10. Art & Soul Living ~ Inspiring boutique with unique & warm reception – you will never want to leave!
11. Soul Soothings ~ New home for SS. Holistic consultations ~ complimented by a wellness boutique. USA


12. Gorgeous photo from Koren (from The Nutrition Pod) of her daughter stealing her new Mindful Mat…
13. Gippsland Womens Health ~ Extremely touched by Robyn sharing her story at Australian Health Promotion Conference in Perth ~ with Soul Stories.
14. So many heart warming photos being sent in to Soul Stories  ‘Around the World’ Gallery


15. Around the World ~ Beautiful friends l have yet to meet in the real – so much love & support from Canada. Be sure to chek out Naomi’s Artwork too!
16. Tailor Made Soul Stories ~ A very special Soul Stories for a beautiful family dear to my heart… xxx
17. SS Mindful Mat ~ One of my talented dancer friends living in Austria (director of European Dance tours). Proudly using her inspiring SS Mat for her Pilates classes.


18. Around the World ~ I have the most amazing friends & followers that send me their wonderful SS creations – yes  please, to help, heal & inspire, that’s all l dream of… Thanks Zina
19. Around the World ~ All the way from France with their Jeanne Bag for their very special bundle of joy. Awww Daddy Sebastian looks super happy!
20. SS Mindful Mat ~ I hope lm 1/2 as amazing as this lady at her age. Love everything about this photo!


Daily Soul Stories

I had been given
one wish ~
& all l knew
is that l wanted
to give it to you…
© April 11 .14

One Wish

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