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I’m pretty sure it was 2001 when l was in L.A for Princess rehearsal period  ~ l bought my first Apple Mac laptop and tried to transfer all of my iPod info, but of course wiped it instead. And l’m pretty sure l cried too. Reaching out to everyone to replace all of my lost music and yoga classes, my dear friend Mary Luty introduced me to an ex ballet dancer, LA based yogi called  ‘Ally Hamilton’ via some of her yoga c.d’s.

I didn’t get the chance to practice any of her ‘live’ classes whilst l was there, but gosh knows l’ve been blessed enough to do well over hundreds of her downloads & online streaming classes and introduced her to so many of my friends.

I was immediately drawn to Ally’s flow of practice in so many ways ~ her light hearted & encouraging manner, always addressing REAL & RAW possibilities that occur in our every day life and quite often with a hint of cheeky play, because yoga is life and not meant to be taken too seriously. Not only are Ally’s practices absolutely inspiring ~ but her writing is just as incredible!

All of her stories, every single one of them to read, digest and reflect upon have hit home for me and no doubt for so many others, on all sorts of levels. She has such a beautiful and poignant way with words, that seem to flow just as natural as her yoga classes do.

“I feel totally blessed to have assembled such an amazing, gifted group of teachers under one roof at Yogis Anonymous. I used to say things like, “everything happens for a reason”, but I’ve seen some things that are so incomprehensibly heartbreaking I don’t try to wrap things up in neat little packages like that anymore. I do my best to witness what’s happening around me, and to witness the way I respond. I believe in personal accountability, and in doing the work to get right with yourself. I think the natural state of all humans is love. It’s not a scientific study, but I’ve birthed two babies into this world, and I think we arrive full of love and curiosity and passion for life. Sometimes we learn fear and limitations and mistrust. I teach because yoga helps us unlearn those things, heal what needs to be healed, and return to our natural state, again, LOVE. I try to spread some wherever I go. Don’t always succeed. When I don’t show up the way I’d like to, I examine what happened and figure out how to do better next time.” ~ Ally

Even though I won’t be dropping by L.A within the next few months, its definitely on my ‘to do’ list, sooner rather than later, and lm sooooooo going to hunt this wonderful woman down!!!! Definitely check out her online classes ~ l promise you, they are worth every second of your precious time, mind, body & soul…and look for her beautiful book too, “Yoga’s Healing Power: Looking Inward for Change, Growth and Peace”, due from Llewellyn Worldwide in July, 2016.


Ally Hamilton




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