Body Language

When your body speaks. listen to the whispers… September 18 .16

More Than Gold

l don’t think l’ll ever have enough gold to give back to you, ~ so l’ll have to repay you…

Forever Friends

There are only a few friends 
 in your lifetime 
where time simply evaporates 
 & distance is defied 

Deeply & Far

May your heart love deeply & soul travel far... September 15 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation…

Universe Way

Even when you finally have the courage to believe that you are 
ready for change ~ 
the universe will 

Open Heart

Even when your soul sighs ~ keep loving with an open heart... September 11 .16

Sometimes Fairytale

Breathe ~ sometimes life will throw you 
a fairytale... September 6 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation…

Bravery & Heart

A meaningful life requires bravery & a big heart… September 3 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation…

Only Time

The only time we should stare too far into the past is to realize how far we have come... August…

Little Things

Love all of the little things inbetween the big stuff... August 22 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories…

On the Floor

Heartbreak leads to devastation & desperation ~ where you find yourself on the floor, willing to do absolutely anything to…

Live Life

Don't be scared to live the life that's growing inside you... August 6 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul…

You Matter

You matter to me... August 5 .16

Softness & Beauty

The time will come when you find softness & beauty in the hurt they left behind... August 2 .16 [button…

See Me

Why can't you see me ~ when everyone else can... August 1 .16

Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with souls who inspire, challenge & fuel the fire in your belly 
to never give up 
on your…


Kindness will always give you wings to fly high... July 26 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation…

Passion Vs Fear

When your passion figures out how to overcome 
your fears
 ~ everything is possible... July 10 .16 [button size="medium" style="primary"…

In Love Heart

Sometimes forgotten memories float by unexpectedly ~ reminding us what it felt like when love lived within our heart... July…

Be Brave

To start a new life you have to be brave & give the other one 
away... July 5 .16 [button…

Nature of Love

Every sun goes down & every fire burns out... June 28 .16

Lovers Side

The grass is always greener on the lovers side that walks away... June 27 .16

Hidden Light

For all the light we can not see, imagine how beautiful 
 the world would be,
 if we could make…

Rainy Day

No matter what the skies say outside today will always be a rainy day in our hearts… June 18 .16


I've often wondered ~ how could you be so careless 
with my heart... June 14 .16

Do You Ever

I sometimes wonder ~ do you ever think of me as l do you? June 12 .16

Your Colours

And when you colours seem to fade ~ that's when you reach down within to find your secret spark of…

Hundreds of Hearts

And when you quietly slipped away without whispering a word ~ what you never imagined were the hundreds of hearts…

Not & Did

If I were you ~ I'd never let me go. But lm not ~ 
and you did... June 5. 16…

Hardened Heart

Surrounding herself with soft & hopeful heartfelt things to remember how 'hearts' are supposed to feel... May 28 .16