Kind Words

All it takes is a few kind words to expand 
someone else's 
heart to the stars & back... June 9…

Stolen Moments

How much joy it brings just by the gentle touch of your eyelashes & soft skin... May 25 .17

Inside your Hand

The things that truly matter live inside the palm of your hand ~ so open it without hesitation, offer it…

Heart Removal

She carefully rolled up her heart into her sleeve, unbuttoned her shirt 
& let it slide off 
her slender shoulders…

Candle of Hope

A single candle of hope can light a thousand others lost in the dark... May 23 .17


From the moment l see you smiling back at me, l know that we are caught in the middle of…

Follow Your Heart

In this crazy beautiful life, keep following your heart until it tears you apart & then hang on tight to…

Attached Story

Sometimes we are so attached to a particular outcome
 that nothing else will do 
~ and that's when 
we suffer...…

Lives Inside You

Every colour in the world - lives inside your heart… May 14 .17     [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this…

Heart Colours

All of her heart colours had bled out to a dark grey ~ 
& she wondered 
if anyone could 

Forget More

We tend to forget more than we remember 
~ which seems to 
make life more beautiful 
 & bearable... May…

Pockets & Pools

It suddenly occurred to my heart that maybe we are all 
living in a world 
 of darkness ~ 

Peaceful World

Imagine the possibilities if every time we lost a loved one ~ we asked ourselves 
'what can I do to…

Fall in Love

Fall in love with your life and the world will return your love with what you need... April 16 .17

Somewhere, Nowhere

You're somewhere not far away ~ but nowhere near closer to my heart... April 9 .17

Little Push

Everyone needs a little push sometimes ~ only then will we experience the full potential of our wings... April 2…

New Adventures

Keep saying yes to new adventures… March 29 .17     [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation >>"…

Lucky Ones

When the whole world is moving & lm standing still ~ l can sometimes feel your protective & proud hands…


We all have secret wings... March 27 .17  

Opening Locks

Not all locks require a key to be opened... March 26 .17     [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul…

Hearts & Hands

The universe knew long before they ever did that their beautiful souls had been created specially to hold each others…

Much More

Wishing you lots of love & happiness ~ and so much more than you truly need... March 20 .17  …

Lost Way

If you don't LOVE the process of what you do ~ then you have 
already lost 
your way... March 13…

Hear, See & Feel

l know that l should say ‘l love you mum’ more often ~ so today you will hear it from…

Nothing New

Her heart whispered 'please never let me go...' Her blind eyes could only cry & her mind coldly replied, 'they…

Unspeakable Space

There's an unspeakable space in my chest which heaves with every breath ~ whenever I think of you & whisper…

Unknown Corners

Hope... It keeps us moving forwards in the dark, peeking around unknown corners, searching for the light... March 4 .17…


The most challenging people in your life will also become your greatest teachers... March 2 .17

Every Birthday

Every birthday you simply wanted the same beautiful thing ~ to see our faces or hear our voices... & now…

Only Chance

Standing on the edge of everything I had ever been before
 ~ you would be 
 the only chance