True Poet

She had a lyrical soul, always loving in the best & worst conditions… December 28 .05

Wrong Broom

He could have swept her off her feet, but he was using the wrong broom… December 28 .05 (masculine version)

Nothing Heart

Your smile covers up your nothing heart ~ & all I want is to hold the hand inside your soul…


So sad when l realized that not all soul mates, ended up being life mates… February 25 .05  

Too Soon

It's too soon to hurt all over again… February 10 .05 [button size="medium" style="primary" text="buy this Soul Stories creation >>"…

Same But Different

Deep down, we all share the same quest ~ to be our best possible selves, leave a mark & make…

Heavy to Full

My heart had finally figured out how to transform itself from being heavy to full once again… February 8 .05…

Nothing Else

When the time comes, l’ll be biting my lip, because there’s nothing left to say… February 7. 05

Fizz n’ Tickles

Bursting with fizzy stuff that tickles your nose when gulped down to quickly… January 24 .05

From Inside

Precious pieces about her were slipping from his insides to out. & all he was left with was the lump…

Coloured Balloons

You got serious & wanted concrete… I got scared, held onto my coloured balloons & floated away… January 6 .05…

Glancing Sideways

The gift of slowing down & glancing sideways makes me smile inside out & remember the possible dreams possible held…


All that you can know is that you’ll know when you know… & with that understanding, she smiled & replied…

Cutting Connections

Staring out the window with a large pair of scissors in her hand, wondering which connection to cut… January 2…

Tingle & Shimmy

Lingering kisses that tingle & shimmy all the way through you body… January 2 .05

Delving Deeper

She loved his little creative meanderings & never once thought he was crazy. Always wanting to think more & delve…


It’s not all about you, you know? But l didn’t… January 1 .05